March 28, 2010

Family Birthday Party

Yesterday our family all got together to celebrate the many birthdays of the upcoming week!

(my mom's is Monday, my brother in laws is Tuesday, my older sister's is Wednesday, and Reagan's is Saturday)

We spent the day hanging outside in the beautiful AZ weather and had a bbq for dinner.
Happy Birthday!

My wonderful parents

My older sister Jocelyn, nephew Sawyer, niece Sadie, and Reagan.

Nick, Me, younger sister Meg, and bro-in law Shaun

My crazy, daredevil son... we are in for trouble!

Reagan opening up a present.... he wanted to get in the box so badly!

Blowing dirty kisses! haha


littledaisymay said...

You do have a lot of birthdays coming up! Happy birthday to them! I love Reagan's cute :)

vtiepelman said...

It was a wonderful day! Thank you for making our birthdays so special!