August 7, 2012

Twin Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!

Just thought I would pop in and give you a little update on whats going on with me and the babies!

This might be a little t.m.i. You have been warned! 

This weekend I definitely started feeling like things were happening.
I woke up on Saturday with contractions, a lot of discharge, and a lot of pain down south. I just laid down all day and Nick was super dad.  That night I talked to my mom and told her ( I had been somewhat avoiding her because I knew how much she worries and I didn't want to freak her out for no reason. ) She of course was worried and wanted me to call the doctor just to check in. I on the other hand didn't want to be "that girl" who overreacts. So I said I would wait until Sunday to see how I felt.

I then talked to my friend Megan who had both of her babies early and had been through all of this before. She was really sweet and supportive.  She recommended that I chug a lot of water and change my position to see if the contractions lesson or decrease. If this didn't help she suggested I go to the hospital triage to get checked out- just to be safe.  The water and movement change totally helped. 

Sunday my parents came and took Reagan for the day. I spent the whole day on the couch watching movies and nodding on and off. It was crazy to be childless for the whole day!  I was so appreciative for my wonderful parents.

Monday I had my scheduled doctor appointment. 
My older sister Jocelyn came to watch Reagan and my niece Charlotte so my mom could come with me to the doctor to take notes, etc. So appreciative for Joc and Mom!

Turns out I am 1 1/2 cm dilated and I have lost my mucus plug.  She took a fetal fibronectin test and told me that she would send it out right away.  This test is a great predictor when negative. If it comes back negative, the mom will 99% not go into labor within the next 2 weeks. If it comes back positive, its not as good as a predictor.  I guess like 1/6 women actually go into labor within the next  two weeks.  Next I was hooked up to the machines that monitored the babies heart beats and contractions for about 20 minutes.  The doctor was happy with the results and told me to go home and be on "modified bed-rest".  Basically she wants me staying in bed or on the couch for most of the time, but I am allowed to go to my baby showers and hair appointment, etc. (I did cancel my massage though- boo.) She said she would call my cell phone with the test results when she got them.  If they came back positive I would have to start getting steroid shots to help the babies lungs get ready for delivery and most likely would be put in the hospital for monitoring.  

The test came back negative! 
Thank the Lord.
So if I can keep up the modified bed rest and not over-doing it, I am baby free for 2 weeks!  The closer we can get these babies to 34-36 weeks the better. (I'm 30 1/2 weeks right now). 

My mom is back to watching Reagan and my niece Charlotte all day on Mondays and Tuesdays and Rea Rea is back to school on Wednesdays-Friday. So this will definitely help me to stay off my feet. I've been catching up on my dvr and reading my twin books. 

My sweet Aunt Pat just sent me this book.
 It's interesting to read a twin book written from a mom's perspective (not a doctor's)

My mom got me this book and it has come in handy especially this last weekend! 

I'm off to email the Mothers of Multiple Club Librarian to pick up some more books.  ( I got a great list of recommended books from a fellow twin-mom blogger!  ) I really need to start reading about getting them to sleep and how to feed both babies.  That is starting to worry me big time, since they might be here sooner than I though! 


Leah said...

I'll be saying lots of prayers for them to stay put for a bit longer. Take care of yourself!

Mizz J said...

Glad to hear things are going so've got a great support system, too! Take it easy for them and for yourself :)

~ Mizz J
Apple Blossoms

Erika Trevathan said...

While you're on bedrest check out my friend Tara's blog. She has two sets of twins just a couple of years apart and she did a really good job of documenting how she dealt with two at once, scheduling and all that. Hope it helps! I'll be praying for those babies to stay in a while longer:)

Domestic Sweetheart said...

I heart your blog! I thought you would be interested in 2 blogs I'm hosting @ for Edward & Sons & VineyardFresh!

P.S. I'm a new follow on GFC!

Amy said...

So glad to hear you are hanging in there & doing good! We will be praying that those babies stay comfy for a few more weeks! :) Get lots of rest! You are so very fortunate to have such an awesome family!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I will be thinking of you - good thoughts!!!

Kristen said...

Stay in there little babys!

(Try to) enjoy your bedrest and some relaxation (I imagine it is one of those things that sounds absolutly blissful unless you have to do it!)

The Wallace Family said...

Praying for you! I had that test done at 20 something weeks! So glad yours was negative...I'll be thinking about you. Keep those babies cooking a little longer:)

KRISTIN said...

YAY! I'm glad the test was negative! It's gotta be sort of nice having doctor's orders to relax! You're so lucky to have help from you mama and sister. :) I'm thinking of you girl and hope those bambinos cook for as long as they can!

Country Girl said...

I've been thinking of you--hope you and the babies are doing well!

Amy said...

Also, I'm thinking you should do a Twin Tuesday every week! ;)

agalandherdog said...

Glad the test came back negative. Take it easy!

Wendy Hylton said...

So happy to hear the FFN test came back negative. I work on the L&D floor if you need any questions answered feel free to holler at me HUGS!

Megan said...

That's great tha you have family around to help you!! I will be keeping you and the babies in my prayers! Good luck girl!!

Amanda said...

You are doing great! Hang in there! I'm enjoying reading your blog. The posts about the babies bring back memories for me. I found out at almost 20 weeks that we were having TWO (boy & girl)! Talk about a shock. We delivered 2 healthy babies at 36 weeks 2 days, went home less than 48 hours later, and life has been a trip ever since (the twins just turned 3 & our oldest 5) Enjoy the first year!! Cherish every moment because it's a whirlwind and flys by so quickly. God bless your little miracles!