August 1, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I'm loving that yesterday, Nick and my Dad went up to Flagstaff to the Arizona Cardinals Practice Camp.  They were in the VIP suite and were able to meet the players, coaches, etc.  As well as get lots of goodies signed.  After they ate and watched practice, they headed back home.  It was like Christmas Day for Nick - he LOVES football.  Reagan stayed up until he got home and Nick loved going through all of his signatures and pictures with him. Gotta love boys.

I'm loving these blessing rings I found on Jennifer's blog.
After Christmas I made a ring of all of the Christmas cards we received and it was really fun for people to sit and look through them all in one place.  I am excited to hang them on the tree or at least near the tree this Christmas and start a neat tradition.

I also made one for all of the baby shower cards we received when I was pregnant with Reagan. 
It's pretty huge and doesn't hang all that well, but it is still a neat way to look through them.

I also made one for Reagan's 1st and 2nd years.  They include all of his birthday cards and holiday cards.  I plan on pulling them out around each year on his birthday. So fun to look back and see who helped us celebrate.

Here is where I am storing the blessing rings until each birthday:

I'm loving these Pinterest recipes I found and made this past week.

(Not as good as my mom's but still tasty)

(Holy deliciousness)

Reagan had fun... but honestly, for the little amount of time he spent playing with it, I might as well have just used the already made kind.  It didn't keep his attention at all!

I'm loving Pinterest!
I seem to pin school stuff more than anything else.
I'm scrolling through my classroom idea board and pulling a few of my favorite back to school ideas for you all! 

Have you seen this or tried this yet?
My teammate Cori and I did this last year and it was a great "intro" into our theme each week. 

I printed this out last year but never did it.
If I were teaching this year I would definitely start the year off with it.

I love this easy to ready reading group planner.

I've always done a "password" on the door for sight words/frye phrases/vocabulary etc.
I love the way this one looks.

There are always a couple of kids every year who need their own behavior system
How easy does this one look?

I love this idea of doing a classroom timeline.
What a great idea to generate ideas for writing, oral language, etc.

What are you loving today?


Sara Soucy said...

I like that timeline idea for my classroom! And I plan on making one of those rings for all my wedding/shower cards. Such a neat idea!

Sara :)
Smiling In Second Grade

Natalie and Lee said...

TOTALLY doing the card ring for our all the cards we received for our baby showers!!! I knew I saved them for a reason!!! :) Thanks for sharing...

Erica said...

I never knew what to do with the cards I received - thats a great idea, I love the fun ribbon too! OMG I need to make the cake batter rice krispies - the just sound amazing!

Amber said...

I am trying those chicken enchiladas!! I love that you are not teaching this year but still getting pinterest ideas! I can tell you love teaching! MUAH!!

Layla Wiedrick Henry said...

I am your newest follower! I found your adorable and ORGANIZED classroom on Pinterest and decided to become your newest follower! I think we have a lot in common :) Teaching, blogging, pinterest'ing :) Check my blog out here:


Fancy Free in Fourth

Anonymous said...

I recently made cake batter rice crispy treats and OMG they were awesome. I saw the recipe on another blog a few weeks ago and I HAD to have them. It wasn't my fault I finished them all in 2 days--it was the baby! :)

Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along girl!

I made a ring of of our wedding cards and just love it!

Laura said...

Love this post! Thanks for linking my Kool-Aid Playdough post! -PlayDrMom