August 15, 2012

Baby Shower Gifts

As you've seen in previous posts, the babies have been showered with lots of love already!

Here is a little rundown of what we have gotten so far!
So exciting! 

1. aden™ by aden + anais® 4-Pack Muslin Swaddle - Girls and Swirls 
aden™ by aden + anais® "Oh, Boy" Muslin Swaddle Blankets (4-Pack) 

2. aden™ by aden + anais® "Oh, Boy" Burpy Bib 
aden™ by aden + anais® "Oh, Girl" Burpy Bib 

3. Mud Pie™ Princess Ruffles Socks (Set of 3)
Mud Pie™ Sports Ball Socks (Set of 3) 

4. Moby Wrap Baby Carrier - Black 

5. Baby clothes for Harper and Hudson

6. Taggies blankets for the babies

7. Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper™ - Snugabunny™ x2

8. baby toys and books

9. more baby toys

10. Diaper Genie refills

11. Boppy® Newborn Lounger x2
From my sweet bloggy friend Amber! How stinking thoughtful is she?!?! 

12. Shopping Cart Cover- for girl

13. Double Snap and Go Stroller

14. My Breast Friend Twin Pillow

15. Sound Machine

16. High Chair

17. Hooded Bath Towels

18. Washcloths and more bath towels

19. Bath time set

20. More washcloths and bath towels

21. Lots and lots of wipes

22. lots and lots of diapers

Plus quite a few generous gift cards!
Thank you everyone for being so thoughtful! 


Leah said...

Avery has been living in her snug a bunny rock and play sleeper. We love it. She takes all her naps in it, when she's not being held and sleeps in it at night next to the bed. Definitely our #1 item for her first week.

Amy said...

You got the rock 'n plays! YEAH! So happy you were able to receive those! You & your family are so blessed to have such wonderful family & friends! :)

Amber said...

You got the twin nursing pillow!! Yay! It looks like you will be set for a while!! I remember after both babies were born how much I wished more people had given me diapers instead of clothes!! It is crazy how fast a box of diapers disappears! I can't even imagine twins!! You are getting soooooo close!! I can't wait to see them!! Do they look like Reagan in the us pics?

Megan said...

SO many great gifts!!! Now that you have done this once before do you feel more prepared this time around even though it is twins?

I feel like the next time will still be new to us since the baby won't be on a schedule yet and if we had a boy it would be SO different! haha