December 28, 2009

My Decade in Review

Wow, this decade is coming to a close... crazy, huh?
I thought it would be fun to go through each year and write some highlights!

Happy Reading!

My 2000's in Review

This year I was a senior in high school. I loved all of high school, but especially this year. I had an amazing set of friends and loved being involved at school. It also probably had something to do with the "senior superiority" we all had. I was voted Prom Queen and had an amazing prom night. On a side note- I was obsessed with Justin Timberlake and went to many NSync concerts to stalk him like a crazy person. One night my sister, and friends Kristin and Ashley and I bugged the security until someone told us what hotel they were staying at and drove their following the concert. We stood outside his hotel and with about 10 other crazy teenager and watched him wave and get into his car to go clubbing. Thank goodness we didn't have fake id's yet... or you know we would have gone there too.

Some of us posing before Senior Prom at Kristin's house.

This year I was a freshman at Arizona State. What a culture shock going from being a very sheltered and good-girl from Scottsdale to being in a huge university and living in a co-ed dorm. I lived a room away from BOYS and could basically do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I loved the "Rush" experience and joined my sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. I loved the sisterhood and socials. All of this obviously led to some trouble....ha ha. My freshman year academically was a joke....but I made some wonderful memories, some favorite friends, and took an insane amount of pictures. (Side note.. I first met Nick this year. He was in the Pike fraternity and I met him at a party. I instantly thought he was cute but was quasi-dating his friend/fraternity brother at the time.)

Pre-partying before an army-themed Date Party
I moved into the sorority housing. Our group of 4 rooms was named the "Veranda" thus we became the "Veranda Crew". We had insane amounts of fun , from sliding down the "cheese grater steps" to watching hours of chick flicks and the Bachelor laying in our juicy sweats. This year I really began taking classes in my major area- Early Childhood- and really enjoyed them. You may be interested to know that my grades did improve and I made it to most of my classes..... this being said, I did fail College Algebra for the 2ND year in a row. (Math is not my strong suit).


This was a big year. I finally turned 21 and could legally be at the bars. Yahoo! I also was elected President of my sorority so I could put my "control-freak" quality to good use! I loved, loved, loved leading my chapter and it was one of the best experiences of my life. This year Nick and I really started to run in the same circles. At the same time I was the president of Theta, he was the president of Pike. That was when Nick and I had our first kiss. We were in Rocky Point, Mexico for the Pike formal. We both were there with different dates though. We were at some beach-bar and **smooch** it happened.

Wow, I really thought this pose was cool?

This year was a great one! During Christmas break (around new years) Nick really started pursuing me. Back when "IM" was cool, he used to IM-flirt me and was always asking me out. I was hanging out a lot in places as him, and each time he would ask me out. I was very hesitant and said no many times. (I definitely used the exact words "I wouldn't touch you with a ten foot pole" because of his reputation). Believe it or not, I was still a good girl! Finally I caved and we began dating. Once we started dating we were inseparable. I graduated in December 2005 with a degree in Early Childhood. (FYI - I did finally pass College Algebra! With the help of my younger sister tutoring me!) I got a new car as a graduation gift from my parents, Silver Bell.

After my ASU Graduation with my little sister Meg

With Nick when we were dating


Nick and I rescued a pound puppy (a Black Lab/ Pit Mix) that we named Hunter. Boy, we had NO idea what we were in store for. This big beast thought that he was a purse puppy and constantly wanted to be in our laps or in our bed. On Easter Sunday, Nick proposed. With my whole family sitting around, he gave me an Easter basket. Each egg was numbered and inside each egg had something he loved about me. In the last egg he wrote that I needed to look under the grass. Under the Easter grass was a big sign that said , "Will you marry me?" I looked up , crying, and saw him down on one knee. It was so special and I couldn't have asked for a better proposal. My whole family was able to be a part of it as well! That summer we moved into our house together and in the fall I started teaching First Grade.

Nick and I with Hunter


In March of this year, Nick and I got married! I was finally getting my dream -fairy -tale day! Except one glitch- it was pouring rain all day long. AZ was having drought- over 160 something days without rain.... except for our wedding day... It decides to soak us all! So we moved the location from outside of the resort to inside- and honestly, it couldn't have been more perfect. It was my dream wedding and I married my Prince Charming! For our honeymoon we flew to Kauai and spent a week enjoying being married! (Don't worry- the insane rain followed us from AZ to Hawaii as well! There was so much rain and flooding that we were stranded at our hotel. Roads were closed because a water dam had broken! Good lord! At least it makes for a good story and a good excuse to go back again soon!) Another big even from this year was that we added another puppy to our family. We bought a Maltese/Shitzu that we named Lily (We got her around Easter). I finally had my purse puppy to dress up!

Our Wedding Day

With our new baby Lily


Not too much happened this year. We both worked hard at our jobs and enjoyed time at home. Nick coached pop-warner football and fell in love with it. We took a couple of family vacations with both sides of our family (His dad and Lisa took us to Disney and my parents took us to Boston and Denver). We also traveled to watch many of our friends get married.

Nick and I in Denver to watch our fave team (The Packers) play the Broncos

In Boston with Nick and my sister... being dorks


Nick and I both started taking classes outside of our jobs. He began taking classes to further his work accreditation and I started my Master's degree. My baby sister got married in December and had a beautiful wedding. I was lucky to gain a very fun brother in law! We also blessed to get pregnant with our baby boy! Again, more and more of our friends got married this year. Thank goodness! We were tired of being the "old, married couple"!

With my sister and brother-in-law on their wedding night (6 months preggo)

This was the best year yet! Reagan James was born in April and we have been enjoying each and every day! Nick still has the same job and I still teach First Grade. Our doggies are still healthy and happy. I graduated with my Masters Degree this year and am excited to have more time with our baby boy!

Our first family photo

Reagan at 6 months

I am excited to see what 2010 has in store for us!

December 27, 2009


Reagan had a wonderful first Christmas! It was sure memorable for Nick and I and I think I took more than enough pictures and video that Reagan will be able to look back on it when he is older and smile!
We were able to celebrate with all of our families and really felt the love of the season.

Here is a little re-cap:
Christmas Eve

We went to my parents for appetizers and drinks followed by the candelight church service. Reagan was an angel at church and loved listening to the music. It was special to have the minister who married Nick and I meet Reagan as well! After church we headed back to our house to start some of our family Christmas traditions.

Us before church

Reagan with my parents

My beautiful littler sister and her hubby

Reagan hanging the Santa on the advent tree Nick's mom made

Nick reading The Night Before Christmas

Ready for bed!

Christmas Morning

Reagan woke up at 7:30 and we went to the living room to sit by the tree. Reagan opened up his stocking from Santa first. He then opened up his presents from Nick and I as well as Santa's presents.

Reagan playing with his new presents from Mom and Dad

Merry First Christmas Reagan

Playing with what Santa brought!

We then drove to my parents house to celebrate Christmas with them. We had breakfast, opened presents, played board games, watched hours of basketball, ate dinner, and went to the park. It was a relaxing and fun Christmas! Reagan was very spoiled with gifts as well as attention!

With Paka and his new puppy

A new Christmas tradition!

With Reagan and his new ride (from Mimi and Paka)

Going to the park in the new wagon

Day after Christmas
In the morning we drove over to Nick's mom and step-dad's house. We opened stockings, had breakfast, and opened gifts. Nick was thrilled to have the "Christmas cake" he hadn't eaten since he was kid and Reagan was thrilled to play with his GPA Bill and GMA Sylvia.

Reagan opening his stocking

Playing with his new precious moments angel/action figure from Great Grandma Sylvia

Being silly with Grandpa Bill

Around dinner time , Nick's dad and step-mom came over to celebrate Christmas. They came bearing dinner and the best present, their new baby boy! Cooper is just now a month old and it was so amazing to hold a tiny baby again. We ate dinner, opened gifts, and loved on the little guys! Reagan loved watching his Uncle Cooper and playing with his GPA Bruce and GMA Lisa. I can't wait to watch these two little babies grow up together!

Reagan meeting his Uncle Cooper for the first time

Father and Sons (Bruce, Nick and Cooper)

Reagan (almost 9 months) and his Uncle Cooper (1 month)

Reagan and Cooper talking

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas!
We are so blessed to have such wonderful families.
Thank you for making this Christmas so perfect for us and Reagan.

December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

We hope that you and your family enjoy spending quality time with loved ones this Christmas and continue to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

December 23, 2009

Im the Gingerbread Girl!

Last night my family all met at my older sister Joc's house to celebrate Christmas. We hung out, ate dinner, and then got to the good stuff: Gingerbread house making! This year we decided to make a town again...but instead of all houses, we would make different town landmarks.... This ended up being quite ambitious of us and I got very discouraged! (Creativity is not my best quality!) Sadie and Sawyer helped to assign what each of us should make and we pulled out bags and bags of decorations. Finally our town was complete with a hospital, a football stadium, a school, a kid house, a grandparent house, a zoo, a monkey cage, and a Mexican food resteraunt.

I should mention that all through this Reagan was crawling around my sister's house, trying to climb chairs, throwing silver bells etc. My mom was crawling around on the floor after him into every room. (I must say that I have NEVER seen my mom crawl... it was pretty comical...but I was in my "gingerbread zone" and couldn't be bothered! haha) We ended the evening exchanging gifts and celebrating the season.

Here is a picture of some of the family working hard on their masterpieces:

Here is Reagan and I with the finished town:

(Funny to look back on- here is Reagan, Nick and I last year at the Gingerbread house party)

The DeShon's gift to Reagan for Christmas was this Little People Nativity set.
It was absolutely perfect!

PS- Here is the official 2009 Santa picture with Reagan:

December 22, 2009

WTF moment of the week....

Okay, so yesterday my mom, sister Meg, and I went out for a girls day. We headed over to Kierland Commons and the Scottsdale Quarters first to check out the new H&M store. As I am walking around, adding more items to my try-on pile, this woman starts talking to me. I go closer, not sure if she is indeed talking to me (She has one of those crazy blue-tooth things in her ear). When I join her, she proceeds to ask me "You are 42 , right?" I respond, "Excuse Me" (in far too nice of a tone that I should have used.) She then responds , "Are you in your 40's?!" I tell her again, too nicely, "umm no, Im actually 27". She then says" Oh, you look like me and Im in my 40s. This place reminds me of what I used to wear years ago." I didnt know how to I smile and grab my mom and sister into the fitting room to relay the conversation. I was dying. How inappropriately rude! This is almost as rude as asking someone when their baby is due, when they arent even preggos. Okay, I give it to her that my outfit might have been on the traditional side for a typical H&M shopper (blue cardigan set, jeans, uggs, and pearls) but really!

Aside from this nutzo lady... we had a wonderful day. Sushi for lunch at Ra, a new little-black-dress for me, some Christmas shopping, and lots of laughs. I seriously am best friends with my mom and sister and I could not feel more blessed to be born into their family!

Later that night we joined the boys and baby for an ASU basketball game.

Here we are , cheering on the Devils!

(My mom, Me, Meg, Dad, Nick, Reagan, and BIL Shaun)

December 20, 2009

All Aboard!

One of our favorite holiday traditions is to have a family Chili dinner at my Mom and Dad's house and then go to the Railroad Park for the train and lights. This year was extra special because it was Reagan's first ride (not counting when he was in my belly!) He was totally fine with sitting on Santa's lap. No smile, but no tears! He basically stared at Santa's tree and it's lights the entire time. He loved the train ride and didn't know which way to watch- too many things to see!

Nick, Me, my older sister Jocelyn, and Dad eating Chili

In front of one of the holiday trains.

Reagan was such a good boy.

First photo with Santa!
Our family on the train.

Merry Christmas!
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