December 22, 2009

WTF moment of the week....

Okay, so yesterday my mom, sister Meg, and I went out for a girls day. We headed over to Kierland Commons and the Scottsdale Quarters first to check out the new H&M store. As I am walking around, adding more items to my try-on pile, this woman starts talking to me. I go closer, not sure if she is indeed talking to me (She has one of those crazy blue-tooth things in her ear). When I join her, she proceeds to ask me "You are 42 , right?" I respond, "Excuse Me" (in far too nice of a tone that I should have used.) She then responds , "Are you in your 40's?!" I tell her again, too nicely, "umm no, Im actually 27". She then says" Oh, you look like me and Im in my 40s. This place reminds me of what I used to wear years ago." I didnt know how to I smile and grab my mom and sister into the fitting room to relay the conversation. I was dying. How inappropriately rude! This is almost as rude as asking someone when their baby is due, when they arent even preggos. Okay, I give it to her that my outfit might have been on the traditional side for a typical H&M shopper (blue cardigan set, jeans, uggs, and pearls) but really!

Aside from this nutzo lady... we had a wonderful day. Sushi for lunch at Ra, a new little-black-dress for me, some Christmas shopping, and lots of laughs. I seriously am best friends with my mom and sister and I could not feel more blessed to be born into their family!

Later that night we joined the boys and baby for an ASU basketball game.

Here we are , cheering on the Devils!

(My mom, Me, Meg, Dad, Nick, Reagan, and BIL Shaun)

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