December 7, 2009


So I am officially done with my Master's degree!
This weekend I submitted my final papers and projects .... I am so excited to be done with reflections, essays, and if I never have to cite something APA style again it will be too soon. My graduation is scheduled for this Friday. Nick and I have taken off work and my wonderful family all decided to drive up to the mountains to watch me "walk" in the graduation ceremony.
But uh oh....
Flagstaff got hit with a big blizzard today! They closed NAU and the roads. Another blizzard is supposed to hit Thursday I guess. So who knows if graduation will even happen. I suppose this is another lesson for me to relax and just go with the flow..... I will keep you posted!

Photo taken today from NAU campus
Being done with all of my homework ... I am THRILLED to dive into my catalogs, magazines, and books I have been saving. I just went to the libary to load up on some "pleasure"books.
But first on my list is one I borrowed from my MIL Lisa:


vtiepelman said...

get ready to cry over this one! what other books did you get from the library? I am so glad you will finaly have a little time to pleasure read!

Tickled Pink said...

I know.. Ive heard its super sad... but worth it... I got a couple of Nicholas Sparks books and a couple others I can't remember the titles... I need to place some more on hold... any recs?