December 27, 2009


Reagan had a wonderful first Christmas! It was sure memorable for Nick and I and I think I took more than enough pictures and video that Reagan will be able to look back on it when he is older and smile!
We were able to celebrate with all of our families and really felt the love of the season.

Here is a little re-cap:
Christmas Eve

We went to my parents for appetizers and drinks followed by the candelight church service. Reagan was an angel at church and loved listening to the music. It was special to have the minister who married Nick and I meet Reagan as well! After church we headed back to our house to start some of our family Christmas traditions.

Us before church

Reagan with my parents

My beautiful littler sister and her hubby

Reagan hanging the Santa on the advent tree Nick's mom made

Nick reading The Night Before Christmas

Ready for bed!

Christmas Morning

Reagan woke up at 7:30 and we went to the living room to sit by the tree. Reagan opened up his stocking from Santa first. He then opened up his presents from Nick and I as well as Santa's presents.

Reagan playing with his new presents from Mom and Dad

Merry First Christmas Reagan

Playing with what Santa brought!

We then drove to my parents house to celebrate Christmas with them. We had breakfast, opened presents, played board games, watched hours of basketball, ate dinner, and went to the park. It was a relaxing and fun Christmas! Reagan was very spoiled with gifts as well as attention!

With Paka and his new puppy

A new Christmas tradition!

With Reagan and his new ride (from Mimi and Paka)

Going to the park in the new wagon

Day after Christmas
In the morning we drove over to Nick's mom and step-dad's house. We opened stockings, had breakfast, and opened gifts. Nick was thrilled to have the "Christmas cake" he hadn't eaten since he was kid and Reagan was thrilled to play with his GPA Bill and GMA Sylvia.

Reagan opening his stocking

Playing with his new precious moments angel/action figure from Great Grandma Sylvia

Being silly with Grandpa Bill

Around dinner time , Nick's dad and step-mom came over to celebrate Christmas. They came bearing dinner and the best present, their new baby boy! Cooper is just now a month old and it was so amazing to hold a tiny baby again. We ate dinner, opened gifts, and loved on the little guys! Reagan loved watching his Uncle Cooper and playing with his GPA Bruce and GMA Lisa. I can't wait to watch these two little babies grow up together!

Reagan meeting his Uncle Cooper for the first time

Father and Sons (Bruce, Nick and Cooper)

Reagan (almost 9 months) and his Uncle Cooper (1 month)

Reagan and Cooper talking

I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas!
We are so blessed to have such wonderful families.
Thank you for making this Christmas so perfect for us and Reagan.

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That one girl said...

You guys are sooo cute! Love the Christmas outfit Reagan has!