May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day Everyone.

And a huge thank you to all of the soldiers who fought and died for our freedom!

This morning Reagan and I joined my mom for breakfast and shopping while the boys went golfing. During Reagan's nap I floated around my parents' pool reading... so nice and definately a sign of summer! I was so white that even though I was only out for an hour or so I got some freaky tan lines...grrr.. This afternoon after the boys got home from golf we went back to my parents house for a bbq. Reagan got in the pool for the first time this summer and had a blast. We grilled and had ice cream drumsticks for dessert. Reagan was in hog heaven just pigging out and running around like a wild man. It was wonderful to just veg out and enjoy the sun with my family. We did miss my sister tho- who is in Ohio for a friend's bachelorette. Pool days just arent the same without her!!

Lily was loving running around my parents' yard!
Happy Memorial Day from our family!

May 30, 2010

This is what happens....

This is what happens when Nick goes to the Suns game and leaves Reagan and I at home to watch it on tv.... Half time dance parties in the playroom... to Britney Spears of course.
(Reagan has a love affair with her music... her circus cd was really popular when I was preggo with Reagan... I listened to it non stop during the whole 9 months... Now he jamms out when she comes on the ipod or radio..its fantastic!)

May 29, 2010

School's Out For Summer!!

Congrats to all my teacher friends out there!!

I for one am so excited for summer break!

The last few days at school were stressful, busy, sad, and happy all mixed into one. On Thursday we had our annual First Grade kickball game... Its always quite interesting since our little ones hardly understand the concept! haha But its always loads of fun and plenty of laughs. Thursday night was also a great night. My parents came back into town from their two weeks of travels. We went over to their house to cheer on the Suns (what a crazy game!) Friday was the last day of school. My mom came to work with me to help me take down my boards and say goodbye to the kiddos. The families all arrived at 10:00 and the first graders sang and performed end of the year songs. We then came back to our classrooms to give out awards and certificates. I cried when saying goodbye to many of my students! There was one mom who absolutely sobbed and wouldnt stop squeezing me. It really made my heart break! Here are a few pics from the last few days!

Tonights a big Suns / Lakers game.. My parents, Nick, and bro in law Shaun are all going.

The performance
The first graders and teachers after kickball

how cute-- these little girls (one of the left is in my class this year and one in the middle is her little sister --will be in my class next year-- bought me a matching bow so I could be their other sister)

May 25, 2010

A little list....

Hi everyone!
Life has been busy lately as we wrap up the school year and get things done around the house!

Sorry for the list... but here is a quick run down of whats been going on with us!

Friday- dinner at Zipps with my sister and bro in law... Reagan was flirting with this lady at the table behind us... Stroking her hair and batting his eyelashes... he's starting young!

Saturday- lazy day around the house and then we went to the AZ Diamondbacks game. Our school have given out tickets to families and staff to attend that night's game against the Blue Jays. It was fun to sit with my girls and our hubbies and see kids from school. Reagan looked adorable in his DBack get up but his teeth were killing him.... he fussed and cried for most of the game. It also didnt help that he wanted to walk around... our tix were soo nosebleed there was no way I was letting him down! So we ended up leaving before the 7th inning... theres always next year!

dont know why my camera was so fuzzy! bad pic! but the only one we have of all 3 of us

My friends Holly and Rachel trying to get Reagan happy... such a little tantrum!

Jenny, Brittany, and Lisa with Reagan

Kelli and Vince. Funny story- I work with Kelli and Vince is one of Nick's best friends...We actually set them up! They have been married for over a year!

Our friends Kate, Jacob, and Doug.. Isn't Jacob the cutest??

Nick bought Reagan this new hat at the team shop..So cute!
Sunday- We did yard work, ran errands, and I worked on school stuff.... finally a healthy weekend had by our family! Oh- we also watched the Lost Finale... so emotional! I cried the entire time (thus giving me a major migrane on
Monday- Our school's talent show was Monday. It was hilarious! I am part of the committee so I got to see the auditions and rehearsals... but nothing compares to seeing 9 yr old girls wearing matching Justin Beiber (sp?) tee shirts dance and sing around the stage! It's funny how each year there is a new "fad"... a few years ago everyone sang or danced to high school musical, last year it was hannah montana, and now it's Justin Beiber... I wonder what next year will be?!
Tuesday- nothing big too big happened today. Trying to take down my room without the kids noticing very much change (totally affects their behavior). I also threw my kids a pizza/ice cream party for reaching their goals on the DIBELS reading test. They all did so well, they deserved to have a fun treat.

Only 3 more days of school!! Whoo--hooo!!

May 22, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Hi friends and fam!
Happy weekend to you all!! I can not believe that I have only 1 week left of school! Yippee... Im so thrilled to be spending my summer vacation at home with Reagan. Last summer was different because he was so little. We still went to the library for the baby classes and had "playdates" with my friends' kids...but this summer will be so much better since he is active!

I am going to start looking into the library classes in our new city, pool days at my Mom's house, and definately playdates... but I need some more good ideas for little Reagan... Any suggestions of things you guys do with your little ones? I've heard fun things about splash pads... so we will have to try that out as well.

Looking forward to a healthy weekend for all of us so that we can actually get out and have some fun! Wishing you a fun and relaxing weekend!

Ps Here is a pic of Reagan with the new shiner he got this week.. Such a mess and such a boy!

May 16, 2010

Wow, again?

So .... yesterday was an eventful day. Reagan had his first hair cut appointment... I will post the adorable pics below. But we came home and the tummy flu struck our house again. What on earth!??!?!?! Nick and Reagan were both a mess. They are both sleeping now... and Ive been a lysol/bleach freak.... I sooo cant afford to get sick right now. (a) its the last 2 weeks of much to do! (b) who will take care of my boys?! Im praying that I can get them better at the same time as keeping myself away from their germs!

Anyways- here are the adorable pics I promised.. Isnt he the absolute cutest? Okay, maybe Im biased...but still!

May 15, 2010

I just realized....

I just realized I haven't posted any pics of our house! We are almost done but there are still a couple of rooms that need things hung on the, shelves and mirrors are currently shoved in the closets until we have a moment to hang them. Then we will tackle the yard!

Here are some quick pics! Enjoy!

dining room area


Living Room

Reagan's playroom

Reagan's bathroom

Breakfast Nook
Still to come.... Den, Master Bedroom, and Reagan's bedroom!

May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

I hope that you have all had a wonderful weekend.
I sure did!

Saturday was a fun day.
Nick and I had his Mom, Step-dad, and Grandma over for lunch. We had yummy sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries. It was their first time to see the house and I hope they liked it. It was also a good-bye for now to Grandma who was traveling back to Montana for the summer. We will miss her kind spirit and loving heart!

Bill and Great Grandma Sylvia
Nick. Reagan, and Grandma Sylvia

Saturday's Table

Sunday was also a very special day. It started with a special church service where Reagan was dedicated. It was a beautiful thing to have our church congregation pray for our baby boy.

My second Mother's Day
My brother in law Shaun and sister Meg

Our little family before church

Us during the church service

After church everyone came over to our house for a special mother's day brunch. My sister Meg and I worked hard on a menu just perfect for our mom. It started with Mimosas with Vueve of course :) Then yogurt parfaits followed by french toast, egg frittatas, fruit salad, and bacon. For desert we had strawberry cheesecake. After eating and relaxing we played a great game called "Imagine If" fun! It was a wonderful day thanking my amazing mother for all she has done and continues to do for our entire family. It was also nice to be celebrated myself ..hehe :)

The table I set for Sunday's brunch

The sweet card Reagan made me at school.
French Toast
Yogurt Parfaits

Drinking mimosas with my amazing mother

After everyone left I had a little nap, then woke up just in time for the Suns game. Nick, Reagan, and I went to a fun sports bar to eat dinner and watch the game. It was a wonderful game and a sweep against San Antonio !! GO SUNS!

Hope you all had a great mother's day!

May 7, 2010

Thank Goodness its Friday!

Hi Friends!

Happy Friday! I for one am so thrilled that the weekend is here and my household is healthy again! Today was a fun and exciting day in my first grade classroom. I did my annual Mother's Day Celebration with my kiddos. Songs, poems, presents, and lots of breakfast treats made for a memorable morning in our class. The kids really shined and the moms were thanked for all they do! Below are a few pics from our fun morning!
I am really looking forward to spending the weekend with my family!

Happy Mother's Day Everyone!

May 4, 2010

When it rains it pours....

Wow, that saying couldnt be more true than at this moment...
Where to begin?
This weekend was rough. Reagan started really being irratable, tugging his ears, refusing to sleep and eat, etc. Saturday night. All three of us were wide awake for the entire night (no exageration).So Nick and I took him to the Urgent Care when they opened at 8am Sunday morning. It was a mess to say the least... their computers were down, they weighed him and told us that he weighed 11 lbs.. Really? haha.. Anyway. We walked out with a percription for Amox and clearly something else (more to come later).
I dropped off Nick and the Reagan at home before heading to church and lunch with my mom and sister Meg. I came back that afternoon for a big nap and got stuff ready for school the next day. That night I started getting really bad stomache cramps. Reagan decided it was going to be another no sleep night for him or us.... grr... as the night/morning went on I proceeded to get sicker and sicker. At about 3 am I called in a sub and frantically wrote sub plans. Nick also took off work also on Monday so he and my mom could take Reagan to a new pediatrician. I spent all day in the bathroom getting sick and they would come in and out giving me updates on the baby. Turns out he had 2 very bad ear infections and a swollen throat. They doubled the dosage for the amox. The ped told my mom that a bad stomach flu was going around... hmmm. I must have gotten it from that urgent care?!
Side note- my sis called later that day and she was sicker than a dog with the stomach bug as well!!
Monday night I finally stopped throwing up . Nick slept again out on the couch and Reagan (again) refused to sleep. I woke up feeling soo much better today. (I called out sick again). I washed the sheets, towels, scrubbed toilets, and lysoled the whole house. My mom watched Reagan at her house and then we got a phone call from Nick. He was leaving work early because he was sick. OMG. My mom has been so amazing. She took Reagan home to her house for the night and cancelled her dinner date. I am planning on going back to work tomorrow. I have so much to do with my kiddos , this is really crap for timing!
Please keep Nick and Reagan in your prayers!
I need my healthy family back soon!