July 31, 2011

Our Weekend


I had my first day of our ELL training for the summer. Yikes. I always forget how overwhelmed I get after these trainings. We have so much more to add into our daily schedules than the other , non-ELL teammates on our teams. 2 more days of ELL training and then we get to join our schools for data meetings, team building, etc. I do love those days!
That night for our family movie night, we rented "The Rescuers" from the library. (Remember that one from our childhood?) Nick certainly did. He remembered every little detail! I couldn't recall it at all. Reagan liked the mice but it was pretty slow!


Nick's Dad and baby brother Cooper came by to play and hang out for a bit. It was so great to see the little guys race around play. Too cute. Then we grabbed some Subway and brought it to the hospital where Nick's Step-Mom was staying. She has been in for a week and just got released! Thank goodness. She had a huge room so the boys ate and then played and played all around the room.

Reagan and his Uncle Coop!

That night we went to my parents' house for a family bbq and swim night. Reagan had a blast playing with his cousins Sadie and Sawyer and my mom had a ton of food. Yum. When we got home we finished Season 4 of Friday Night Lights. Sooo good. Can't wait to start Season 5 today! I'm kind of obsessed.

Today I've been relaxing, reading and working on school stuff. Love , love , love lazy days!

I will leave you with this hunk. My fave- Tim Riggins. Haha.

How has your weekend been? Great I hope! :)

July 28, 2011

Seriously?!? Thursday

Hi guys! There were definately lots of "seriously?" talk this week so I thought I'd link up with Becky for her Thursday party. Thanks girl for giving me a place to vent and not feel like a total bitch!

1. I went back to my classroom this week. 2 1/2 days of sweat. Lots of it. There was NO AC in our building so moving furniture, setting up bulletin boards, organizing supplies -etc. was a huge, sweaty task. Thank the Lord for the Mom and Sister Meg who came 2 of the days . We worked are butts off and my room is pretty much all set up. I didn't take any pictures- gasp- I know. But I will, and I will post.

2. Oh- why did I go in and set up so early? Oh that's another "seriously?" Because I have 3 days of ELL training when the rest of the school will be setting up their rooms. Awesome.

3. Last Night- Nick made us a delicious dinner and invited my mom and sister Meg to join since both of their hubbies were out for the night. After dinner we layed Reagan down for the night and put in the movie "Insideous". Meg and Nick LOVE scary movies and I on the other hand pretend to like them but end up in tears, unable to sleep. Anyway - we got about halfway through and Reagan woke up screaming and wouldn't go back to sleep. So I brought him out with us and cuddled . I turned him so he was laying with his eyes staring at my sister (not the movie). But at one point he DID turn and saw this creepy bride ghost. He looked weirded out and my first response was "Oh- its Dora!" That seemed to work for him. I took Reagan to our bed that night (totally for his comfort only, haha ;) Bad mom. Seriously!

4. Today I declared a "no school day" and instead of "Mommy and Rea Rea day" as we spent my last day of summer together. After the weird night we had last night, he was in a foul mood. But I decided it wasn't going to stop our fun day. We went to the library where they were having a music class. He loved it. It was so fun. We got some new books and videos from the library to take with us. Two seconds in the car with the new book Reagan begins ripping the pages out of the book (Seriously? You are a teacher's child!) We then go to the mall to grab lunch and do shopping. In line for Reagan's happy meal he decides to climb out of the stroller and RUN across the food court. SERIOUSLY Reagan? You are making me that mom.

Music class fun
5. At the mall there is a little train that goes around. Reagan was begging to ride the choo-choo but I had no cash. So I convinced him that the indoor playgroun was even better. We trek over there only to find out it's closed for an hour for cleaning. SERIOUSLY? Shoot. So now I needed to get cash. I found an ATM near the merry-go-round. After paying that stupid fee, I got my $20. We get in line for token machine at the merry-go-round. Shoot. They only take $1 bills. Kill me! So off we trek to Paradise Bakery to buy a cookie so we can get change for my $20. FINALLY get on the merry-go-round and Reagan is screaming- terrified of the horses. Umm.. we have def been on this before and he loved it. The poor lady was waiting for us to find a horse and get the show on the road but my son was not going anywhere near it. After the hassle is was to get the damn token , we were def going on this ride. We finally sat inside this pumpkin but he whined and cried the whole ride. OMG. Seriously?

the ride from hell
Whew. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! XXOO

July 23, 2011

Friday and Fears

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Yesterday was a fun filled day with friends. Here are some pictures of what we did.

First, a friend invited us to try a class at "My Gym" with them. I've never been to one and have always thought these classes would be so fun for Reagan or a birthday party. I was right. He had a BLAST! Thank you to Stacey and Kaeson for inviting us!

After the class we met more friends at a place called Toy Town.

This place gave me such anxiety- geesh! It was like the size of a living room with thousands of toys and children (it seemed). The kids had a ball, but it was a little much!

And lastly- Reagan has been having such fears lately!

1) He is totally afraid of the wind. I think it started when we were in Payson. A huge gust of wind came and flew our paper lanterns all over the place. My mom, sister, and I all screamed and Reagan freaked out. Now everytime he sees, hears, feels wind he FREAKS! This week we were at the splash pad and the tiniest wind started... it felt great. But he started screaming and insisting we go home. :(

(I love this picture. It was taken pre-wind-meltdown)

2) When at Toy Town after a couple of hours he started freaking out about this pretend tree they had. It was a big tree with stuffed animals hanging from it. He kept pointing to the bears yelling "Bear bit me!" "No bear!" It was so odd!

Mommies out there- is this normal or am I somehow scarring my child and creating a scardy cat?? Thanks for your input!

July 21, 2011

Guess Who is Preggo??


Nope. Not me!

My baby sister Meg!

Well, she's not exactly a baby. But she will always be my litter sister.

It's been so hard to keep a secret but she is finally telling the world, so I can too!

She is 15 weeks and the baby is due on my birthday- Jan . 13!

How exciting is that?

Congrats Meg and Shaun! Love you both!

July 17, 2011

Our Weekend

Sunday night already? Wow, this weekend flew by.

Friday Night

We brought back our family movie night. It has been a few weeks with travel and such, but we brought it back with Ice Age. It was pretty bad. We were not fans. After Reagan went to bed we watched The Lincoln Lawyer. Now that was so good. A hot, sweaty Matthew McConaughey is my favorite kind of Matthew McConaughey. Drool.


My monthy friend visited and thus I was hit was an ENORMOUS migraine. It literally wiped me out and I was holed up in my dark bedroom. F - these migraines. By Saturday night I was feeling a little better so I came out and watched some more Friday Night Lights with Nick. I am so addicted to this show it's not even funny. Have you all seen it? My sister has the entire show on dvd so we are just plowing through the seasons!

If you haven't watched- GO DO IT!


Today I woke up feeling much better (Thank you Lord!) I met friends for lunch at Red Robin. Then they went to see Harry Potter (not a fan- don't judge!) so I went to the Diamondback baseball game with Reagan and Nick. A 2 year old at a MLB game doesn't really last too long. 2 innings in the seats were all he would handle. So we spent most of the time at the kid's playground in the stadium. After the game we went to Dairy Queen (did you know it was national ice cream day?). Yum. Yum.

July 15, 2011

Fun Friday

Happy Friday!

Today we spent the day over at my friend Kate's house.

A bunch of us girls from school and our little guys went over to swim, chat, and eat! It was lots of fun and so good to see my girls! I have missed them so much since we've been on summer vacay!

In other news... I'm almost done with my back to school shopping. I have like 3 more things on my list plus about 40 feet of laminating to cut. I also have about 6 books on my night table to read!! I need to get a move on it! Have a great weekend friends!!

July 14, 2011

Here is the pic!!

Here is the pic of us with Bethenny!!

Thanks SkinnyGirl! We love you!

July 13, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving Ms Bethenny Frankel today!

This morning my mom, sister Meg, Reagan and I went to our neighborhood Costco where she was signing bottles, books, and photos. My mom and Meg got there at 11 and Reagan and I showed up at 11:30. At 11:45 Ms Bethenny herself came out.

She was so stinkin tiny and cute! Love her style too. They gave out wristbands for the first 150 people in line and we were 132. So we made it! Reagan entertained the crowds by dancing (no surprise there) and we were standing with some really nice ladies, so the time flew.

Before you knew it, it was our turn. My mom got a couple of bottles of Skinny Girl signed (it's too strong for me... I know, Im a wuss...but she LOVES it!) (Another random fact.. she may or may not kill me for writing this-but she has a crate full of Skinny Girl Margs at her house at all times. If she drinks one, she has to go get another to take it's place.)

Anywhoo- Mom, Meg, Reagan and I got our picture taken with Bethenny and she was super nice. She talked to Reagan and not really us (my son tends to steal the show). She said he had the best looking hair she had seen on a boy and thought he was the cutest! I was a proud Mommy when he said "Dank You!"

It was pretty quick meeting with Bethenny and then we saw our favorite assistant Julie and got our picture taken with her too. (Nerd Alerts). Reagan offered her his fruit snacks and she gave him high fives and complimented his shoes.

My little stud.

All in all it was a fun and random morning. The Skinnygirl people took our pictures and said they would post it on facebook. I'm excited to see what it looks like- It was a blur, I hope I looked at the camera! I will post it when they do!