July 10, 2011

Our Weekend

We got back into town Thursday and Nick left again Friday morning for Vegas. Yep. He went to Vegas with friends and left me at home with a sick and cranky little boy. Bastard! Haha. Basically Reagan has had a summer cold and has refused to eat for the last 4 days... He is just starting now. He has been moody and clingy (which at first was cute-- awww-- he wants to be held 24/7... but that got old fast .. He weighs 35 pounds!)


Friday we drove to Chandler to visit a friend of mine who just had her second baby boy, Landon. He is 5 weeks old and sooo precious. It was great to visit with friends and hold a newborn again. And Reagan was for the most part , well behaved as he played with Jackson (the big brother).

The rest of the weekend was spent doing NADA! We hung out at home watching movies, read books, and slept. Nick comes home today and I'm so excited to have a good night's sleep. It's been awhile!

Oh , another highlight of the weekend? Reagan locked me out of the house. Yep. It's 110 degrees and I was outside while my son (in his terrible twos) was inside doing who knows what. Thank goodness my parents live down the street!

Want to know something super sad?

I just looked at my planner. I have 2 weeks of summer vacay left before I go back for teacher training. Teaching summer school really put a dent in my amount of vacay. Boo!


Jamie said...

Oh no! How did Reagan lock you out?

I'm not looking forward to summer vacation ending either...it's gone by way too fast!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

that is sad, enjoy those last two weeks. So sorry you were at home with a sick boy.

Rachel said...

Ditto, boo on summer school!