October 8, 2012

Since we've been home....

Hi friends!

Happy 1 Week! 
Thursday, October 4th 

We have been home a week now and are getting into the groove of having 3 kids under 3. It is pretty crazy. Some moments are calm and peaceful and some I want to sit in a corner and cry.  Reagan has been getting better adjusted every day. He is learning the meaning of an "inside voice", "only having 2 hands", "making milk- aka pumping", "being gentle".  He loves his babies very much but you can tell he doesn't like sharing Mama and Dada.  

We have been incredibly blessed to have our mothers here to help.  Nick's mom and my mom have been here 2 days a week each to help with anything we need.  They are cooking, cleaning, feeding, and diapering babies.  And maybe the most important thing to us right now- watching them so we can nap! We have also been so fortunate to have friends stop by with dinners and cuddles for the babies.  Thank you all! 

(Yes, these sweet  friends even played dress up with Reagan!)

My mom has also kept her regular schedule of watching Reagan Mondays and Tuesdays and he has been going to school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  So Nick and I are really only having the babies during the day.  This weekend was our big test- having all 3 for the whole day. And boy was it rough.  Reagan threw tantrums like we have never seen before. Lord have mercy.  

Here are some random thoughts from this week:

1) Those Fisher Price Newborn Rock and Plays have been amazing.  
The babies sleep in them every night and during naps.  Heaven sent!

2) They weren't kidding when they said newborn twins go through an insane amount of diapers.  
We used around 144 during week 1. 
These 6 lb little peanuts are peeing and pooping machines.
We are so thankful to my mom who bought a package of diapers every week since we found out we were pregnant. These diapers are sure coming in handy! 

3) I am loving the Wubba Nub pacifier attachments. I'm all for pacifiers, especially for little babies who need the sucking practice/soothing. And these little critters have saved us so much.  The babies love to hold on to them while sucking and they help us find the pacifier when we are in a hurry.

4) I have always loved my DVR but I have a new appreciation for it now.  I really only have time to watch TV when I am pumping or feeding the babies and this is a life saver.  I can stay caught up on all my reality TV shows and pause whenever. I've said it before and I will say it again. What did we do before it?

5) My pump has been my savior.  I had all intentions of breast feeding the babies.  But the babies are still struggling to latch on.  I was getting pretty frustrated so I have pretty much only been pumping.  I pump every 3 hours and am producing quite a bit of milk.  We store it in the fridge and this allows Nick and our other helpers to help feed the babies from bottles.  At least the babies are getting breast milk.  I plan on continuing to try breast feeding but for right now, I'm okay with this.

6) Speaking of pumping- this little beauty has been a lifesaver. 

I'm quite a sight. Let me tell you.

7) These Boppy Newborn Loungers have been great too! 
I love being able just to sit the babies in their seats and knowing that they are comfy and safe.


Mrs. Howard said...

Oh my goodness! This brings back memories!

Victoria said...

You guys are doing an awesome job!!!!! Hang in there!

Layla Wiedrick Henry said...

Congrats! They are soooo precious!

Fancy Free in Fourth

Matt and Meg said...

Love reading your updates!

Amy said...

Thanks for updating us! :) Thinking about you all! So glad the rock 'n plays are working out for the twinsies!

Taylor said...

I loved reading all of this! your babies are perfect!! ugh! I can not get enough of them and i don't even know them! So adorable, I swear I am talking to Brandon and my dad about you and your babies as if we were best friends! haha--i'm not crazy i swear!

Melissa said...

Yep, it can be rough with 3. I do it every day solo. I had a few days that were crazy but for the most part it has not be too bad, defiantly not easy but not as hard as I thought. At 15 weeks it has gotten a lot smoother. Smiling, not nearly as much crying, more of a schedule....I did take all 3 to the YMCA today, took my daughter to class and walked the babies on the track.....all the while sweating bullets that they would both start crying at the same time. They were both up the whole time and are usually sleeping....thankfully they were no tears and I survived!