October 29, 2012

Our Hallo-weekend

We had a fun and busy Hallo-weekend!

We did Halloween crafts.

Reagan loves himself a good art project! :) 

Autumn Fest

We dressed the kids up in their pumpkin gear and headed off to our church's Autumn Fest. It was a fun, free, family event where the kids got to jump in bounce houses, go down inflatable slides, play carnival games, and visit a petting zoo. Reagan had the best time! We went with Nick, my mom, sister Meg, and brother in law Shaun. It was a team effort getting us all out of house! 

My 3 little pumpkins!

I love my sweet babies.

This was the babies first real outing other than the doctors office!

Happy boy!

Reagan and his cousin Charlotte.

My sister Meg, all of our kids, and I.

Reagan doing some of the carnival games!

We went to my Mothers of Multiples Halloween Party.

I got the kids dressed in their Halloween costumes for the first time this season.  Reagan and Hudson were Woody from Toy Story and Harper was Jessie. ( I will write more about their costumes in a later post! ) We then went to a park to meet up with my MOM's group where there were bounce houses, lunch, and a parade. 

With my Toy Story crew.

Sweet babies.

This kid loves bounce houses!

My handsome little Sheriff.

Nick's Birthday

We ended the weekend with Nick's birthday. Thanks for those of you who wished him a happy birthday! I will pass them along to him! :) We had a great meal at Outback for his birthday and can you believe it- didn't bring up the kids once! It was purely adult conversation and we laughed a lot. So needed! Reagan and I baked Nick a birthday cake and darn did that Funfetti cake taste delicious. I got him some new Lacoste cologne, his mom got him a gift card, and my parents got him a new briefcase and cash. I think he had a great day. He's going to the Cardinal game tonight with his dad - so yes- I'm braving my first bedtime alone with the kids. Wish me luck! 


Matty A said...
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KRISTIN said...

Omigosh girl! You had a busy weekend, but it looks SO fun! I love all three kids in their coordinating outfits!

Matt and Meg said...

ooops totally left a comment under my husband's old blog name. Sorry didn't mean to be creepy. lol

Those costumes are too cute though! Looks like such a fun weekend!

Sara said...

The pics of the babies in their Halloween costumes is too cute. Fingers crossed bedtime goes well for you!!

agalandherdog said...

You're my hero for managing TWO newborns and a toddler! It took everything in our power for my husband and I to get out to the grocery store with the baby last week. Wow!

Victoria said...

This is an amazing post!!!! Love the pictures!!!!!

Michelle Lanning said...

How cute are they in their Toy Story outfits - LOVE!

Amy said...

What a fun weekend! :) Happy belated birthday to Nick! How was bedtime solo? Have a great Tuesday, friend!

Megan said...

What cute costumes!!!!!!

P.S. You look GREAT!!! Already skinny mini!! :)