January 14, 2013

My Birthday Weekend

Yesterday was my 31st Birthday.
I had a nice and relaxing birthday weekend spent with those that I love.

Thanks for those of you who were sweet enough to wish my a Happy Birthday on Facebook and InstaGram. :) Here is a little recap:

Thursday night I met my girlfriends for a birthday dinner.
It was a fun night spent with great girls.
I met and worked with these girls for years and it's always wonderful to get together.

Friday the twins and I went to our first MOMs twins playdate.
It was pretty crazy to see 6 sets of twins all under 14 months in one room!

Saturday morning I woke up and had a massage.
It was so nice to get relaxed and at peace!

After the massage I did a little shopping and ran a few errands.

I woke up and my boys brought me some cinnamon rolls for breakfast.
Then we dropped off the kids at my parents' house.
They watched Reagan, Harper, and Hudson so Nick and I could have a little date day.
Honestly that was the best gift of all.

We get so busy that we seem to hardly have enough time to just be us.

Nick and I went to the movies and saw Silver Linings Playbook. It was really quite good! I would definitely recommend it. After the movie we had a delicious sushi lunch at Kona Grill. We ran a few errands and then joined my family back at my parents' house. Both of my sisters were there with there children and we all hung out and caught up. 

It was a wonderful birthday.
Thank you to all of you who played a part in it!


Courtney Cakes said...

Happy Birthday!!! Looks like you had a fab time!!!

KRISTIN said...

Sounds like an amazing birthday! :)

Mrs. Mommy said...

You are so cute! Reagan looks so grown up sitting on your lap! And I love Harper's outfit and headband :)

Happy birthday!

Kelly O'Boyle said...

Happy Birthday Mandy! It was also my birthday yesterday! Seemed like you had a great weekend celebrating!

Mommy Mandy said...

Happy Birthday Mandy!!!

Sara said...

Happy Birthday!!!

agalandherdog said...

Happy belated birthday! All those twins in one room must have been nuts! How fun!

AbbyS. said...

love those pics in your blue polka dots! You look great Mandy!!

Murdock's mama said...

Happy Birthday to you! Looks like a fabulous weekend!!

Lauren said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Birthday Twin! I turned 26 on Sunday!! It looks like you had a great birthday weekend!!