January 28, 2013

Randoms about Reagan

It's been awhile since I did a Reagan post.
And let me tell you, this kid never ceases to surprise me.
So without further adieu-
Reagan Randoms!

Reagan has had a really rough time getting back into the school groove after Christmas break.  I kept him home for 3 weeks during the holidays and boy did he not want to go back to school. Bad idea. He cried and cried each morning, begging to stay home with me and the babies. (Which is hilarious because I know for a fact during that break, he wished he was at school.  While he was at home with us he kept asking, "Didn't you just feed the babies? You're pumping again? Can we go do something fun?) Last week he had 3 really good mornings before school! Hooray!

Reagan has had a pretty difficult time adjusting to the babies.  He was the only kid, spoiled rotten, for 3 1/2 years.  And then boom.  He gets two siblings who need a heck of a lot of attention.  His behavior went from good to bad once the twins arrived.  He acted up big time, threw tantrums, and was totally defiant. Another interesting thing was the creation of "Baby Rea Rea".  He always wanted to be called Baby Rea Rea. He started crawling everywhere,  wanted  to be carried, wanted to be fed pretend bottles, wanted to be burped, etc.  It was bizarre  But I totally know it was just to get some attention like the twins were getting. Poor guy.  So we've really been pushing the "big boy" talk and it's been working. Fingers crossed.  I finally told him last week that Baby Rea Rea can't be here anymore. Only big boys allowed. So now he is asking me to call him "Baby Tinguin" (how he says penguin). Oh Lordy.

Reagan has been a picky eater his whole life. Like literally would only eat mac and cheese, chicken fingers, or pbj sandwhiches for every meal. But this past week he has started eating our food. It's amazing! Last night he even said, "I'd like to try that tomato please." What has happened to my child.  I was grinning from ear to ear.  To which he responded, "I'm making your heart really happy, aren't I?" 
Love him.

Reagan has the best memory of any person I know. In fact it can be kind of creepy.  He recalls things that I said a year ago and can quote it.  He remembers the weirdest stuff. We've been talking about his upcoming Disneyland trip and he can already name every single ride when you show him a photo. Please Lord let this mean he will be a smart student. Mama and Daddy need him to get a scholarship.  We've got 3 kids to put through college! 

Reagan has such wonderful manners and social graces. It pleases my heart to no end.  I love hearing him say the normal "please" and "thank yous" but its the other things that really make my heart melt. For instance, "No thank you. I don't really care for that." "Thank you for taking me to the store with you. I like being with you."  

I also just love Reagan's word choice.  He uses "amazing" and "terrible" instead of good and bad. Really? I could die.

I've been keeping a journal of funny things he says.  Here are some of the latest:
"Roll-a-Paper" - instead of toilet paper
"Pick-able Me" - Despicable Me movie
"I got a weird groose at school today" - bruise
"Who has 2 thumbs and loves Cars? This guy!" 
"Nilla bar" - granola bar
"etticine"- medicine

At the zoo last week he was exhausted and had me so darn embarrassed   We were trying to see the otters and there was a ton of people in front of us, blocking them.  So instead of waiting patiently he started yelling at them.  "Move out of my way people! I can't see. You are big. Let me see!" I was so red. I picked him up and knew, yep, it was time to leave the zoo.

We've always known Reagan has a touch of OCD. I mean, he gets it naturally. Both Nick and I are pretty anal!  Reagan has to do things a certain way, it's just the way he is.  But a lot of it I think is also his age.  He thrives on routine.  His teacher has been getting frustrated with him because he gets upset over certain things and can't let it go.  (For example- he notices and tells her when they do activities in a different order- ie. "We are supposed to have circle time, not art now." He was also really upset last week when I sent him to school in a sweater and not a jacket. I guess he really wanted pockets and was crying because he didn't have pockets.  What are your thoughts? She thought I needed to see his pediatrician but I think she may be overreacting. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Current favorites-
fave color- green
fave show- Jake and the Neverland Pirates
fave toy- his InnoTab  (specifically Jake and the Neverland Pirates game)
fave thing to do at home- bath time
fave person- his Mimi. He tells me daily she is his best friend, his girlfriend, etc. Too cute.

He is sure a stinker but I love him more and more each day.
It's had to think that a few years ago he was as tiny as the twins. 
And look at the little person he has grown into.


Amy said...

What a great post on catching up with Reagan! :) Love his two thumbs quote! haha! He looks like such a big kid in those pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mandy! I am not a doctor or anything, but from what I read about Reagan he seems to be thriving and doing great socially. I wouldn't worry about what his teacher said. He has had so much to adjust to with the twins that routines are his normal and probably make him feel safe and secure so when it changes at school and feels the same to him as everything changing at home. He's so young and has had some adjusting to do, but even with the hard times seems to be really doing well!

Steph said...

Just a thought about his strong need for routine: Not knowing anymore than what I read on here etc, I would wholeheartedly think that this is a craving for his life to be what he knows to expect simply because of the huge change in his life with the twins.

You've said that he has gone through some pretty big struggles at home, so I don't think school would be anything different.

Trust your mama heart and your teacher gut!

Just my two cents. :)

I'm new to following your blog, but have been following you on IG. {formerly in AZ living in Pittsburgh now: littlepunkypie}

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, what a great post on a great little fella! I do believe the teacher is over reacting because she probably doesn't have another child that even knows what a routine is. :o) I think kids thrive with routine and are better because of it but so few have anything close to it today.

Happy new week!

Sara said...

Aww loved getting to read Reagan's update. Baby Rea Rea sounds so cute though I am sure it can get annoying. Glad to know that the pickiest eaters can outgrow it. We have been struggling with getting our little guy to try anything so now I am hopeful that will change.

Emily said...

Love this update on your sweet Reagan! He is just a doll. I love that you were able to record the fun things his saying right now too! So many cute ones!

Country Girl said...

Had to laugh about his memory. Sounds like our firstborn. We swore he could remember his birth. He, too, liked a routine. He was (is) a bit high-strung so needed some order in his life. I think the teacher is over-reacting. You never know what's going to set a kid off some days.

love2read said...

I teach special education kinder through third grade and originally found your blog through your great teaching ideas. When you started to stay home, I thought I wouldn't read anymore but I can't stop reading about your little ones and your life. I look forward to your posts.(I have two teenage boys- no more little ones)Anyway, as a teacher who works with kids with special needs everyday, I agree with the other posts and wait it out. All those changes and his age, he will settle down. He will probably always want routine and things a certain way, that is his personality, but right now he is just expressing his feelings abo0ut the changes the only ways he knows how. My oldest son wanted everything planned out every day, all day and couldn't stand change, and had a really hard time when his brother was born. He totally settled down and at 17 can go with the flow much better than at age 4! Hang in there awesome mommy!