January 25, 2013

Twin Talk

I have a girlfriend who recently found out she is expecting twins (yay Erin!)
And I've been slacking in getting her all the info I promised her about twins.
So, I thought I'd do a blog post for her and any other expectant twin moms.


I learned a lot about expecting and having twins through reading blogs!
I have also become blog/twitter/instagram friends with many of them!
After reading their stories and seeing their pictures I realize that "Wow. It can be done!"

Here are some of the twin blogs that I follow.
Check them out look back through to see what you need.
They have all posted on pregnancy, registries, birth, and life after!

Blessed with Two - She is such a sweetie and has become a great support
The Howard Bunch - We have so much in common and she has also become a great support
A Sarti Party - Rachel is a sorority sister of mine who had twins shortly after I did
The Making of a Full Time Dairy Cow - My childhood best friend who just recently had her twin babies
What's The Scoop - She is also a great Mama who has supported me
Walk with me by Faith 
The Momma Bird  - We were pregnant with our twins at the same time and she is another great support for me! We literally go through the same things at the same times!

I was super nerdy and read a ton in preparation for the twins.
Here are some that I read:

Random Tips

Start buying diapers and wipes now. 
You think I'm kidding. But really, do it.
You will be shocked at how many you go through with two bottoms!

Find and join your local Mothers of Multiples group.
I have met some really sweet women who give me advice and help me feel sane!
See if they have a "buddy" system so you can make a new friend to teach you the ropes.

Don't count out a c-section.
I had 2 friends recently pregnant with twins who really wanted vaginal births. (God knows why!?)
But both ended with c-sections for one reason or another.
I chose a c-section from the minute I knew I was pregnant and I wouldn't change it for anything.
Easiest birth ever.

When you feel like you are so large and all you want is for your babies to come out, enjoy it. It will be the last time you will be alone without two babies. Life was so much easier! I wish I could go back to a pregnant day just for a day. And nap all day if I wanted. Oooh the life.

Chill out. 
I will admit it.
 I seriously was the most uptight and wound up girl before the twins. 
But now, I'm surprisingly laid back and go with the flow.
 Twins did it to me. I didn't really have a choice but I'm liking my new chill-axed attitude!

Good Luck!
Twins are an incredible blessing and I wouldn't trade them for anything.


Mrs. Risner said...
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Mrs. Risner said...
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Mrs. Risner said...

Thanks friend! Can't wait to check out these blogs and start reading these books!
<3 Erin

Nancy said...

I'm also a twin mama and we had our babies close to the same time....I think my girls might be like a month older than your twins. Anyway, I just wanted to recommend the book When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets or Quads. It had all sorts of good stuff in it about how to make your multiple pregnancy last as long as possible. It's a good read and has some good real life stories.