June 12, 2011

MIA Much?!

Hi Guys!

Sorry I haven't been around lately! It's been a busy week!

Wednesday was the first day for teachers to report to summer school. We met with our partner and started planning. I'm lucky that my partner is sooo nice and was willing to join up with a friend of mine and her partner to plan together. We ended up having a fun little group of 6 (3 kinder classes). Unfortunately I got super sick on Wednesday night! My tummy was all sorts of messed up and I was up most of the night and all day at work on Thursday. (Oh- did I tell you that we worked 8-8 on Thursday?) I felt like death. We had a shorter day on Friday thank goodness. We also had open house where we could meet some of the families and explain the curriculum. Anyways, I think the next few weeks are going to fly by. There will be 4 of us in the classroom (2 teachers and 2 assistants) and we will only be teaching reading (Reader's Theater) and Writing to help promote the kid's oral language.

Friday night we went to my parent's house to celebrate my dad's birthday. Nick grilled and my sister made his favorite cake. Reagan was in hog heaven just running around and playing. And I was laying on the floor , feeling like death! But here are some pics:

Reagan loves his Uncle Shaun.

Happy Birthday Papa!

Saturday was spent doing absolutely nothing! Nick made a bed on the living room floor and Reagan and I just watched movies all day long. I dozed off and on and Reagan thought our campout was the best. Nick was in the den most of the day in the den studying. He has another big test on Monday (so fingers crossed!)

On a final note- I want to say sorry bc I try to comment on all of your blogs but I am still unable to comment on many of them. I'm not sure why I can do some and not others... are you guys having the same problem??


Rachel said...

Fun night! We missed you Friday and I'm sorry you are feeling so terrible! Good luck with summer school this week, I'm counting down the days to be done! (I had trouble commenting for a while but the problem seems to have resolved itself).

Sara said...

So fun! That pineapple upsidedown cake looks delish! :-)