June 1, 2011

Week 2- Home Tour

Today I am linking up with the sweet Lindsey for her weekly home tour.

This week we are spotlighting our bedrooms.

Just like last week, I will start with my room and then Reagan's. So, here goes.....

Just a little warning... our room still needs a lot of work- looking at these pics especially!

walking into our bedroom

one day we will get a nice, big bed... but for now this is what we have. I do love our linens... I think they are from Kohls. (Notice the white pillow cases on the bottom? Nick is obsessed with his ooooolllllddd pillow and cases from forever ago. It's all he will sleep on.

And that crate next to the bed.... thats for Lily, our little dog. She starts the night in bed with me but Nick eventually puts her away for the night.

I do love this shelf above our bed. From left to right (a picture from when we got engaged, a Willow Tree hubby and wife, some wedding pictures, our unity candle, and my bouquet, some devotional books, and our little angel Willow Tree for the baby we lost)

On top of Nick's dresser (I guess I didn't take a picture of mine) is the tv and stuff. And looking at that mirror- I think we need to re-position it! I love this sign (but really, I'm a sucker for all signs!). It's the same quote that was in our wedding program.
Here is my night table. You can see what book I'm reading, my Nook, water, tissues (Such a bad cold right now!) , phone and remote. Yes, the last thing I watched in bed last night was RHONJ- kind of a disapointing episode if I may say so myself!)
Now onto Rea Rea's room
A sweet little sign Nick's Mom made
Reagan' bookshelf (humidifier, flashcards, cds, photos, and obviously books)
The changing table (from Babies R Us). I love it- tons of storage.

Reagan's room theme is Nautical. When I was preggo I had a really hard time choosing his bedding and theme.. I'm not really a character/animal fan... so I found a set I loved at Pottery Barn that was classic and I tied in the nautical theme. I got these letters from Pottery Barn as well as the life preserver with his name on it.

Here is his crib (from Babies R Us- same collection as the changing table). The bedding is the Chase Collection from Pottery Barn Kids. I just realized that the mobile isn't up. We have that too- from the same collection... It has sailboats. Cute. The border on the room is from Babies R Us Nautical collection. I thoguht it fit well.
The inside of the crib. This kid LOVES his animals.

I love his toy chest. It matches perfectly. It's from Land of Nod.

Here is his glider. It was a Godsend when I was nursing him and doing late night feedings. It's so soft and comfy.This was our first big splurge when we found out we were pregnant!

Kind of dark, but here is his window wall.

The shelves above his changing table.

Baby pictures, stuffed animals (he makes us change out the animals regularly- stinker!, ultrasound picture, a print from his Sesame Street Birthday Party, and a jar of wishes (From one of my baby showers)

So that's it!

Hope you enjoyed this week's tour!


Lindsey said...

Love the purple bedding in y'alls room. Reminds me of my bathroom purple. And Reagan's room is too cute!! I like that you did something different and it wasn't animals or the typical stuff. LOVEEE that window in his room. Thanks for linking up again!!!!!!!!

Kristen said...

very cute! I loved seeing Reagan's room for inspiration for our little guys nautical room!

Rachel said...

Cute Mandy! I love all of the shelves, especially the one over your bed. We rearranged our furniture during spring cleaning and have nothing above the bed...you may have inspired me!

MJ said...

I love the nautical theme!

agalandherdog said...

Very cute! I need to get Bethenny's new book!

Raven said...

what? it looks like you already have a nice, big bed?

glad to see you have a tv in your bedroom, that means your marriage will last :)

love the quote on the sign! so cute!

Bethenney! love her!!

do you turn on the humidifier every night for Reagan?

LOVE the nautical theme. :)

Ashley said...

You have a really cute home! LOVE IT!

sclarke15 said...

Do you have the brand name of the crib and dresser? I had the same set for my daughter in 2009 and may sell to a friend who is borrowing. Thanks.