June 18, 2011

Another week of summer!

Sorry again for the lack of blogging!

This past week was the first one of summer school with the kiddos. I have 21 kindergarteners from various schools , 1 other teacher, and 2 aides... a lot of bodies! But we are working really hard. The first part of the day is dedicated to writing. We are using a program called "Pathways to Writing" and it really has the kids go through the whole writing process. I was really impressed with some of the writing these kinders already are able to do! Way to go teachers! The second part of the day is doing Readers Theater. This week our play was "The Stars" with songs like Twinkle, Twinkle and Star Light, Star Bright. It was hard and a lot of work but the performance was on Thursday. Every Thursday the parents come and the kids perform. It was pretty hilarious and some of the kids just stared into space, but what are you going to expect after 4 days!?!

I've also been hit badly this week with killer migraines. Do any of you reader suffer from them? I would love to know what helps you? I have a doctor appt next week to see if he can help me!

What else? Thursday after I picked up Reagan from his school, we came back and baked cookies. It was so fun and I think we are going to have to bake something often- good for fun, bad for my tummy! haha... Oh well :)

Friday my sister and I went to the mall with Reagan to do some shopping. It was so much fun. I some new undies, clothes, bath and body, and gifts... love shopping! We tried to get Reagan some new shoes but that ended badly- he decided to run all around Dillards with no shoes on. Off I go chasing him and calling out the full "Reagan James" in my mean mom voice... This is becoming a regular. Geesh!

That afternoon my good friend Kristin came over with her new baby girl Sydney. It seems like I was just at her baby shower! Sydney was adorable and she and Reagan and pretty much already set up to be married. :)

Kristin and Sydney (11 weeks old) future Mrs. and Mr. hehe
I could just eat her!
sharing a book
I only wish she lived in AZ and not California!

That night Nick, Reagan and I went to Zipps for some dinner and came home for our weekly movie night. This week we watched Over the Hedge. It was sooo cute and I totally recomend it. I laughed a lot! After Reagan went to bed Nick and I watched True Grit- also so good!
Here is what our movie/camp-out set-up looks like! Pretty comfy, right?

I have been trying to catch up on all of your blogs and yahoo, finally figured out how to comment again!! Hope you are well, xxoo!!


Might as well, can't dance... said...

Hi - I have followed your blog, but I don't think I have ever commented. I'm bad about that! Anyway, as a nurse and fellow migraine sufferer (that last word looks like it's spelled wrong - so I googled it since you are a teacher and I can't be a bad speller - ha ha!) there are meds that you can take daily to prevent migraine and then there are other meds that you can take at the very first onset of the migraine. I am in Propranolol as a preventitive and use Maxalt at the onset. My migraines have been less often since I started the Propranolol (generic for Inderal) but I do still get them on occasion. The Maxalt is great if you can take it in time. Goof Luck and God Bless!

Hadar said...

Oh no!! I get really bad migraines too..normally stress induced. I don't take any preventative medicine, although I probably should. I have imitrix injections that I use which are pretty much the only thing that works when I get migraines. Hope your doctor is helpful,and feel better!


Jamie said...

Sounds like you've been busy and having lots of fun...minus the migraines!

Little Sydney is so cute!