February 27, 2011

Our Weekend

This weekend was pretty low key. And very restful!
Friday night I ended up going to the mall with my sister Meg to get a new baby shower gift (since my Etsy order didn't arrive on time... grrr) I ended up getting her this little dress.

It's so funny because when she opened it everyone commented "that is soooo Mandy". I guess I do tend to zero in on a certain kind of look. I just know what I like I guess.

Saturday Nick and Reagan participated in the Heart Walk with Grammy Sylvia in honor of her father. The weather cooperated and the didn't have any rain (like forcasted)!

While the boys were walking, I was at the baby shower for my old friend Kristin. It was at a beautiful place and everything was perfect. She is seriously glowing and I can't wait for her little beauty to be born. (She is due on Reagan's birthday). If only they lived in Arizona !

Today I was feeling pretty crappy. My cough is seriously never ending and Im exhausted!! This is going on week 4 of being sick... What on earth?!?! So, I have napped and read magazines pretty much all day. Thank goodness for weekends.
Hope you all had a great weekend!! This is our last full week before parent/teacher conference week (all half days) and then a week OFF for spring break! Whoo hoo!!


Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Feel better girl!! AND that table is displayed beautifully :)

lala said...

I've got to know where that dress is from and if it comes in my little girls size!! It is so precious!!

Tickled Pink said...

Thanks guys! The dress is from Children's Place. It's on sale now too! I wish it came in my size!

Ashley said...

Totally wish that dress came in my size lol! Hope you get to feeling better ;)

Jamie said...

What an adorable little dress!

Hope you're feeling better today!

TiffanyClark said...

The dress is so cute! I awarded you with the 7 facts blog award! Check out my post! http://teachrunlove.blogspot.com