February 13, 2011

What a beautiful Saturday!

Yesterday was seriously such a beautiful day!
It was 75 degrees and sunny!
(Sorry to rub it in for those of you who still have snow!)

Nick went golfing with friends, so Reagan and I headed to the park. He was so tickled because my Mom, Dad, and Sister Meg joined us too. They just can't get enough of the little man.
Reagan had so much fun swinging, sliding, and running around. All the fresh, warm air totally worse us both out. Reagan and I both took over a 3 hour nap!

When Nick got home we grabbed some Chick-fil-A and had a picnic dinner in the backyard. I hope the weather stays this beautiful! After Reagan went to bed, Nick and I watched " The Social Network". We loved it - so interesting!
Today we are just vegging out in the morning. Then I am going to a Valentine Cookie Party this afternoon (yummm) and tonight I'm going to watch The Grammy's. Who are you cheering for? I hope Lady GaGa does well (heart her) and same with Lady Antebellum. (One of my sorority sisters is married to Charles Kelley).... She is actually Emily's mom/big sis from My Heart Shaped Life. Gotta cheer for my Theta Sisters :)
Happy Sunday!!


Anonymous said...

Valentine's Day cookie party? How Fun!! :)

Hilldog said...

Glad I could help out for your week! Thansk for coming by and so glad you got to spend some time outside!! Have a great Valentine's Day!!