February 19, 2011

Flat Stanley 2011

One of my absolute favorite things to do with my first graders each year is a Flat Stanley project. I start be reading them the book and then we start or map skills study. I tie it in to our reading anthology story "Me on the Map" and during vocabulary/social studies time we talk about how to read a map and use cardinal directions.
Before this ,I put out a facebook note to all my friends/family members who would like to "host" a Flat Stanley. My students decorate a Stanley and a write a letter. I then mail the letter and a picture of them to each of my friends/family members. They friends/family then are supposed to do something with the Flat Stanley, take a picture, and write a letter back to the student. They then mail it back. It is starting to become quite the competition between my friends. They have gotten quite creative!

Last year's project was amazing! Read about it here and here.

Here are some pictures of where our Flat Stanleys have traveled to so far this year.
Flat Stanley went to a cow farm in Montana with Nick's Aunt Lisa.
Flat Stanley braved the Minnesota snow with my sorority sister Courtney.
Flat Stanley went to work with my childhood friend Emily at the Kansas Children's Hospital.
Flat Stanley went to a basketball game in Southern California with my high school bff Kristin.

Flat Stanley went on an oceanography trip in Laguna Nigel, Ca with my parent's friends.
Flat Stanley went to a fun park in Washington with my sorority sister Angie.

Flat Stanley went to an Air and Space museum in Tucson with my high school friend Ashley. He went back to Tucson to visit my Aunt Marty and went to the zoo. Stanley went to Texas to visit my sorority sister Erin and they went to the stockyards. Stanley went to Texas again, but this time to visit another sorority sister Lindsey and her kindergarten class.
Flat Stanley also went to the Superbowl with my dad. Notice the cheesehead?
He met some more football players, got autographs, and some cool memorabilia.

Flat Stanley went to South Dakota to visit my work friend Holly's family. Brrr.

He also flew to New Jersey to visit another work friend (Kate's) family.
We continue to check our mailbox at school every day and the kids are dying with anticipation. Thanks to those of you who have participated!!


That one girl said...

Very cool! If you need another person, I would be happy to take a flat stanley on our vacation this summer and take pics for one of the students.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

What a creative lady you are! Precious!

Emily Ann said...

Such a cute project! I loved flat stanley when i was in school