December 10, 2012

Thank you! A Post for you.

I just wanted to write a post today about how much all of your sweet and kind words have meant to me! I started this blog a couple of years ago to document what was going on in our lives for family and friends. But I have made such wonderful friends and gained such a support system! 
It is so much more than I thought it would be.

I  try and post about the good and the bad and you all continue to lift me up when I'm feeling overwhelmed. I so appreciate you all.  

Reagan has been going through such a rough patch. Ever since the babies were born he has taken his tantrums and behaviors to a new level. I am trying my best to be a great mom to all three kiddos but it's hard when he is sucking so much out of me! Those of you who follow me on InstaGram know of our bumps in the road this past week and how Buddy our Elf didn't return for a day.  He left Reagan a note saying how disappointed he was in him, etc. Did that scare Reagan into acting correctly? Nope. I am embarrassed to say I actually told him if he didn't start acting right I would call the police and put him in jail with all of the bad guys.  To which he responded, "well, I will fight them and win". To which I responded (wow- stooping down to a 3 year old's level here) "no, they are all the bad guys and they will fight YOU and win". Really Mandy? I also may or may not have told him I was going to trade him in for the neighbor girl who is always nice. 

Anyways. Our new plan is to 1) focus on the positives. I'm trying a behavior chart like I did in my classroom. When I catch him being good he gets a sticker on it.  When the chart is full he gets a reward. 2) The second he throws a tantrum a toy gets taken away. I will keep you posted.

But anyway- back to you!
When I'm feeling like a totally sucky mom, you manage to lift my spirits.  I have received the nicest comments, emails, Facebook messages, etc. and I really appreciate them all.

So thank you!

~ a blog comment ~

"I would like to tell you how much I LOVE your blog. I have been reading for over a year and I have over 250 blogs to read in my reader but I always check yours first! I am amazed at how good you are at keeping up blogging with twins & Reagan! I have a hard time blogging and I only have one! Thanks for keeping it real!!"

~ a Facebook note ~

"2 newborns, a 3 yr old and you already have your Christmas cards out?! You are amazing!! The card is darling, you have created a beautiful family :)"

~ a twitter tweet ~

"if you are doing elf on the shelf, this girl has got it… @tickledpinkmlgand did i mention she has twin newborns and a toddler.. super mom right… @tickledpinkmlg"

~ a blog comment ~

"I really enjoy reading your blog! You inspired me to start my own blog this summer. So far I only have one sad post. Haha! I need to work on it more. It's a great way to document the everyday things. =) Like you, I am a first grade teacher staying home with the kids this year. I will be returning to the classroom next year. I promise to start commenting more. Have a great day! "

~a Facebook note ~

"Hey!! Just want to tell u, I love reading ur blog in the middle of night while I am feeding :) u are so creative and a wonderful mommy!! When I think I have my hands full, u make me realize I don't have it so bad :) keep blogging cause u help make my night feedings much more entertaining :)"

It is awesome what a little note or comment can do. You all have inspired me to comment more and tell others how much I enjoy them!

So thank you for the love and support!! 
I seriously have the best readers!!


Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled said...

Hang in there! You really are a heck of a Mom. I used to recite the children's service number to my stepson. Then I would always tell him that all his goodies would be stolen lickity split! And I would end with my mother's famous statement, "I may not always like your behavior...but I will always love you." The kicker is now his son is three and giving it back to him plus a little more! Karma is a b@$&@, I meant bear!

Love and Hugs,
Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Oh, you are such a good and normal Momma. And, "this too shall pass." Reagan is likely still going through an adjustment phase and he'll move on I"m sure and the best part, he'll probably never remember these days. He'll think his Mommy is tops!

teachermom said...

We've all been there and believe it or not, they outgrow it and grow up! I remember holding my daughter in her car seat and trying to buckle her in while she screamed and screamed! I was sure someone was going to call child services. Now 21 years later, she puts her seatbelt on all by herself with no tears! Stay strong!

Christy said...

Bless his little heart. Bless your heart too!!... Hope this helps..Over the weekend, my five year old hit at me. I told him if he EVER hit me I would call the cops....Hang in there. We both will make it...somehow...
Christy :)
Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

Gina said...

You are such a wonderful mom and person! Even though I don't get to see you often, I LOVE your posts. I want to be like you when I grow up and become a mama. :)

Stacy Renee said...
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Stacy Renee said...

Hang in there! We all say things we don't mean. Taking care of kids is hard! I was feeling the same way this time last year and I only had one newborn and a 4 1/2 year old. It does get easier. This is just a bump in the road. My daughter took a while to adjust, but now her and my son are BFFs! When the babies get bigger, Reagan will love playing with them. It's hard when the babies are small, because the older kid can't really play with them. You are doing a better job at doing special things for your oldest than I was and you have two newborns! You are a super star!

Taking away toys is the only thing that works for us. We take something away and put it on top of the fridge. When she calms down she can have it back at bedtime. Some things stay up there until the next morning. We did a sticker chart over the summer when she was home full time. It really helped. I would start out with maybe 5 stickers for the reward, then raise it to 10, etc. We started with having her fill the whole chart, but that was taking too long and she lost intertest. After we adjusted it, the sticker chart was a hit.

The thing that use to boggle my mind was the fact that I could manage 18 first graders with no problem, but felt like I was riding a crazy train taking care of my own two kids. Haha! Have a great day, and ease up on yourself. =)

Melissa said...

Haha, Cassie has been horrible also....and I told her that!
One night I even offered to walk her around our subdivision to find a new mommy. The things we say huh?

She has been put in her room every day and has her favorite stuffed animal taken away when she is can that girl be sassy!

Lauren said...

I follow you on Instagram and every day that I've seen your elf display I've thought to myself, wow she is such an amazing mom. Not only are you taking care of twin babies, but you find the time to do cool stuff like that for Reagan too. Heck, I only have one 6 week old and I'm lucky if I make it out of my pj's! You are doing the best you can right now and from the outside looking in, it looks like you are doing great :)

luckeyfrog said...

I think what I enjoy so much about your blog is that you really keep it real. You use your blog to be positive and celebrate the good things, but you're also willing to share when something is tough.

A lot of kids have a hard time dealing with not being the only child when they get ONE new sibling- not to mention two! I'm sure you're doing everything you can, but until those babies get more fun for him (and the craze of newborns slows down a bit), it's probably just going to be tough.

Hang in there :) You're doing fine.