December 18, 2012

IPhone Photo Dump

Here are some of the latest and greatest photos from my phone.

Reagan's Christmas tree in his room.
Buddy his Elf on the Shelf brought it for him.

Harper Grace

Reagan and Santa

The twins
9 weeks

The twins doing some playtime
10 weeks

I love this little note Nick left me.
Glad he notices and appreciates it.

During one of our afternoon walks, Reagan and I saw a bunny and a butterfly at the same house. 
He was so excited.

I just love watching the babies hold onto their Wubba Nubs!

Naptime in Mommy's bed. Just love these 3 all lined up in a row.

The babies all dressed up to take Christmas card pictures.

Reagan and his turkey craft from the Thanksgiving class at the library we went to.

My 3 little turkeys on Thanksgiving.

My serious little babies.

Our Christmas tree


Amy said...

Aww! Love the picture of Harper in the second photo! Sweet baby girl!

agalandherdog said...

Beautiful babies -- all 3 of them! Hadley just started taking a pacifier and I die when she holds her wubbanub too.