December 9, 2012

Our Weekend

Our weekend was full of holiday family traditions (as well as raging toddler tantrums- but more on that in another post. Thanks to all of you who have reached out with support and Mama advice!)

 Here's a little recap of what we did with some pictures!

Friday night we went to our church's live nativity program called "Follow The Star".

The kids before we left.

The twins- 10 weeks old!

My family waiting to follow the star.

The 3 Wise Men

Mary and Jesus

Reagan was soooo excited for it. All afternoon he kept talking about Baby Jesus. He said at one point, "I don't know who I'm more excited to see- Baby Jesus or the Wise Men". I could have melted.  It was so precious to me that this little man of ours was just as excited to see Jesus as he was to see Santa. 

We met my parents, sister Meg, and Charlotte there.  We sat by the fires, sang carols, had cookies, and did a craft while we waited for our "tour". The whole time Reagan kept asking "Where's Mary? Where's Jesus?" He couldn't wait.

Reagan has a crazy good memory and really pays attention to details. So he was pretty bummed out about the lack of animals. "Where are the Wise Men's camels?" "Where are the donkeys?" "There are supposed to be animals by Baby Jesus!" Lordy. His poor teachers in the future!

Saturday during the day my parents took Reagan to an Arizona State basketball game.

(Not holiday related- but thought it was such a cute picture!
 Reagan and my dad watching the game so seriously!)

Saturday night we met my family at the Phoenix Zoo for Zoo Lights.

We love going every year and seeing all the beautiful lights. 

Our family of 5. 

We look so silly with these baby carriers! 

Reagan loves his cousins!

I'm so glad that even with the 2 new additions to our family we are continuing with our family holiday traditions. Thank goodness for the Baby Bjorns!


Cari said...

sounds like a perfect weekend!

Sara said...

What a fun weekend. The picture of the twins is just precious.

Victoria said...

It was a great weekend! I love that Reagan is so enthusiastic about every little thing!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

You are such an inspiration and appear to be such at ease with your twins and your busy life. A gal in our church just had twins boys 4 weeks ago and also has a 3 year old daughter. I'm thinking she needs to read your blog for inspiration as she is so overwhelmed right now.

I am always "tickled pink" when I stop by. Happy week to you!

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

What a fun, festive weekend! I swear, Reagan is SO cute and I love how you write about the funny little things he does--it cracks me up! Also, the twins are getting so big!! I love that y'all went to the living nativity thing, I remember going to that as a kid and I still have such great memories! xoxo