December 14, 2012

Our Adventures with Buddy- Week 2

If you missed our adventures with our Elf on the Shelf Buddy, you can find them here.


If you follow me on InstaGram you might remember that Reagan was hell on wheels Friday night after our evening at "Follow the Star".  So Buddy did not come out that night.  He left Reagan a note instead.

Reagan woke up and was a little bummed not to have Buddy, but it didn't really have the effect I was hoping it would! 


Sunday morning Buddy returned. 
Yes, Reagan was acting slightly better, but mostly I had things planned! 

Buddy was found building a house out of blocks.
He also left Reagan a gingerbread house kit to work on that afternoon.

He had way more fun decorating it this year. Although it really was like- one candy on the house, two in his mouth.  And don't even get me started on the icing.  He was straight up shooting it into his mouth from the container. Talk about a sugar high.


Monday morning Reagan woke up to find Buddy hanging from our Christmas tree.  His note said that we would work on our family ornaments that night. (If you remember from my tree post, we gift a photo ornament to our immediate family members each year for their tree.)


Tuesday morning Reagan woke up to find Buddy with some goodies in the kitchen.

Buddy left us the ingredients to make Christmas tree cones.

Reagan could have cared less about decorating these cones. 
All he wanted to do was eat the icing. This project was a total bust.


Wednesday morning Reagan woke up to find Buddy playing teacher in the playroom.
He had made a nice and naughty list the white board.
I was so tempted to put Reagan's name on the naughty... but decided against it.

That night we got Reagan's teacher's Christmas gifts together.
My favorite thing- Reagan loves the cook Ms. Susie at his school. He talks about her all the time.  So he wanted to include her and get her a Christmas present. We gave her the gift today and she was so shocked. I'm sure the school lunch lady never gets a gift! Bless her heart. My son loves her to pieces.


Thursday morning Reagan woke up to find that Buddy had tp-ed his tree. (Looking at this picture, I really did a bad job of it! But it was hard in the dark, middle of the night! I was so afraid to wake him up!)

Buddy left us a hand print wreath craft to do together.


This morning Reagan woke up to find Buddy in the fridge drinking green milk.

His note hinted to a "green night" which we had tonight.
I will write more about that tomorrow!

Hope you all are still having fun with your little elves!
I've loved seeing some of your awesome ideas.
And thank goodness for Pinterest right?
I wish I was creative enough to think of these myself!

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Victoria said...

You are a rock star mom!!!! You are so creative it blows me away!!!!! Reagan and the twins have such a loving, warm happy home. I love you!!! Mom