December 2, 2012

Welcome December!

We are so excited to welcome December at our house!

On Friday November 30th, we said goodbye to November and welcomed December!
I wrapped new Christmas jammies for the kids and took some sweet pictures of my babies.

We have so many fun family holiday traditions coming this month.
We can't wait!

My 3 greatest blessings!

Reagan loving on Harper.

Reagan loving on Hudson.

I sincerely hope that you and your family have a wonderful December!


Ms. H and Ms. B said...

I love reading all about your family's Christmas traditions. I am so curious about how you came to celebrate with these particular traditions - are they traditions from your childhood or new ones you guys created with the start of your family?

Also you have so many beautiful decorations!! Do you have decorations for every holiday?

Cari said...

I cant take how cute those kiddos are!!! :)

I started wearing Breannas christmas pjs as well!!