February 5, 2011

Are you ready for some football?

Happy Saturday!

I hope that you all are relaxing and enjoying your weekend!
Reagan and I are still sick with our crummy colds, so there hasn't been much going on over here. We did have a wild outing to Walmart this afternoon for groceries. Party animals.... let me tell you! Actually Reagan was quite a terror. Nick ended up taking him back to the car so I could finish shopping without a screaming child trying to throw himself out of the cart. The terrible "almost" twos continue to rage on.
Tonight I will be filling out progress reports (again- party animal) and getting the house ready for the big game tomorrow. We are having a couple of friends and family members over to cheer on the Packers. My dad made it safely to Dallas and is having fun..... I cant wait to see his pics and hear stories.
Who are you all cheering for?

If you haven't picked a team... maybe the following song or picture will help you decide! ;)


Amy said...


Gladys said...

Go Packers!

Anonymous said...

You two are adorable!! Hope you and Reagan are feeling better girlie. Go Pack! (But only because my Chargers didn't make it!)

Whitni Alis said...

Go Packers, Aaron Rodgers is from my hometown.

Ashleigh said...

too cute! go packers!