February 9, 2011

A Modgepodge....

It's a bullet-kind-of-day.
  • This week Reagan turned 22 months. He seriously seems older every day. Some of the newest things he is doing: he regularly says "please and thank you" (love it) as well as "no" (not loving so much). He loves singing lately. He will just start with "lalala" and then throw in a few "mamas, papas, mimis, and dadas"... quite hilarious. His favorite book lately has been a grouchy groundhog book - (clearly his mom is a teacher and pulls out seasonal books for him to read).... he even says "groundhog" in his own way- too cute. He still is the worlds pickiest eater but could drink an entire gallon of milk if we let him. He hates waking up and wishes he could sleep in till late. He is also really starting to explore and play independently - so fun to just sit back and watch him. Such a little boy. Can't believe he will be 2 soon. I need to get on this party planning!

  • I have been sooo sick this week with a terrible cold. I feel like a child with constant runny nose and sneezes. Between Reagan being sick and being around my firsties with their germs I am constantly sick it seems! :(

  • Yesterday was a bad day! I totally lost my teacher cool. My kids were out of control from some reason, I had no specials, and I felt like crud. I literally just wanted to sit and cry! I threatened taking away their Valentine party and they still talked and talked and talked.
  • Today was much better!

Off to address Reagan's valentines. Yes. I am making valentines for his classmates. Yes. They are one year olds. And once they are done I will work on my class valentines. What we teachers do to ourselves :)

Hope you all are having a fabulous Weds.


It's Weds and I almost forgot What I'm Loving:

This week I'm loving all of the great blogs I have recently discovered! Such great ladies. I'm also loving all of the wonderful girls who have started following me as well. I can't believe I have over 100 followers. I need to do some kind of giveaway!! I never thought I have this many people interested in what I had to say! THANK YOU!


Ashley said...

O.K... So now you have totally inspired me to do Valentines for Hannah's MOPS class lol!

Ashleigh said...

He's so precious! Hope you feel better! I'll be glad when cold season is OVER!

Amber Risher said...

Just found your blog and wanted to leave a comment to tell you how adorable your little one is!

Anonymous said...

Reagan is such a cutie!! Can't wait to see the fabulous things you plan for his 2nd birthday!

I would love to see those Valentine's!! Hope you're having a good day girlie!!

Jamie said...

I definitely had one of those bad teacher days the other day :( I hate having to get on to them but they were SO talkative!

That picture of Reagan on his trike is SO cute!

Sarah said...

It's ALWAYS a bad day when they take specials away!! Ugh.
And Reagan is a total cutie :)