February 11, 2011

Thank the Lord it's Friday!!

Thank Goodness It's Friday!
I am seriously in need of a weekend!
Today Reagan had a class Valentines day party at his school.
(Kind of odd- but I'm not complaining...he only goes W-F so he would have missed it otherwise!)
Here are some pics I took of him enjoying his Valentine goodies from some of his friends.

Do you guys have any fun Valentine plans this weekend?
Is V-Day a big holiday with you and your hubby/bf?


Anonymous said...

I love the tie shirt!! He's really checking out those Valentine's!! Such a cutie :)

We're doing a cocktail Valentine's party with friends tomorrow, then just us two on Monday night.

Have a wonderful weekend!!

Ashley said...

He seriously is the Cutest little boy I have ever seen!!!

Megan said...

Love his shirt!

We always do our Valentine's parties the Friday before Valentines at our school. Never done it any other way?! It works out for us though, this year (and most years) we have conferences all next week... and the last thing you want to do after a party day is have back to back parent teacher conferences! :) xoxo

Jamie said...

SO cute!

Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Oh my goodness! These pictures are too sweet!! We don't have any big Valentine's Day plans... feels like it just snuck up on us! But I hope you guys have a great v-day weekend:)

Victoria said...

Good grief!!! Look at the lashes on that boy!!! He is a little heart stealer! Look out little ladies!!!!