June 4, 2011

Week 1 of Summer

I am just finishing up my first week of summer vacay.

Here's a quick look at what went down:

1. Jury Duty- yes. On my first day of vacay I was called to come down. Luckily it was just the Scottsdale court. After waiting for 2 hours I was let go. Phew.

2. Nasty allergies. Something about this weather has got me all sorts of plugged up. Is this stopping me from laying out, nah.

3. Team planning with my first grade team- we worked on our calendar for next year and started brainstorming news ways to revamp math stations and create calendar notebooks. (We've been going ga-ga over your ideas bloggy friends!)

4. Speaking of Ga-Ga... I've been listening to her new cd nonstop- LOVE IT!

5. I've been laying poolside as much as I possibly can.

6. Catching up the dvr. Lets see. Housewives- NJ- Im team Teressa.. While I think her sister in law is gorgeous, I think she and the brother are crazy. NY- They have all completely lost it. But I do get a kick out of Ramona and Sonja. But really, I just want to watch last season's scary island- now that was quality tv. Turtle time and Bethany/Kelly... perfection. OC- Im so excited for the big fight on Sunday! Bachelorette- I swore I wasnt going to watch this season... not a big Ashley fan... but I caved. I even entered a pool. We had to randomly pick boy names out of a hat and bet on them ... person who goes the farthest wins the pot. I got Blake...blah. He's not gonna go far. Anything else I'm missing?

7. On Friday I went to a math training with Marcy Cook. Have any of you seen her? Do you use any of her products? Which do you recomend?

8. Friday night was our weekly family fun night. We went to Red Robin for dinner and came home to camp out and watch Up. It was so cute... pretty sad, I def cried but it was good!

How was your week?


Jamie said...

I love getting teaching ideas from all these great blogs too!

Erica said...

I had jury duty this week too! I had to call in every day but never had to go in. I've used Marcy Cook tiles.. Upper grades they are great...when I was subbing in 1st grade (for a teacher who is great so I know she explained it to the kids well) they struggled a lot, and it was with a high leveled group. They would use all the numbers but the equations would not be correct.

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Love all your updates especially the Real Housewives. Me oh my, I am somewhat uncomfortable during episodes because of the brother. Can't wait for tomorrow!

The Beauty Bargainista said...

ewww for Jury Duty!! Glad you got let go!! And UP was one of the saddest movies I have ever seen....my daugher never wanted to watch it again!! lol