June 6, 2011

This week's home tour...

Remember how I've been linking up with Lindsey from The Bargain Blonde for her weekly home tours? This week's tour is of the living room. Enjoy!

(Sorry in advance- Blogger is only letting me upload these two pictures... so you may have to squint for close ups!)

The living room is where we hang out 99 % of the time. I wish I could say that the TV is never on... but it's always on. Reagan dominates this tv. His little Pottery Barn chair sits right up front and this is where you can often find him. (It's looking pretty worn! He's had it for 2 years... my mom has been meaning to order him the bigger chair- we'll see!) This picture was taken in the morning so the toys are still contained in the playroom or in the toy basket. By afternoon this place is covered with Reagan's toys.
Hope you enjoyed this mini tour... Sorry again about the lack of pics!


Lindsey said...
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Lindsey said...

oh my goodness, LOVE your sectional and the curtains. ALSO, your built-ins are to-die. THE pottery barn chair melts my heart!!

durrrr, but love that you are linking up. Oh and just saw your cute little pic of Reagan in a tie. Ummm .... WHAT??? SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!

Southern Wifey said...

i totally agree with Lindsey, I love your sectional and built in entertainment unit. I wish my living room was this big!

[sweet life of a southern wife]

Rachel said...

I still haven't been to your house! I joined the fun (where do I get all my good blog ideas - Mandy, duh). I hope I did the linky thing right, I couldn't get the "home tour" picture to link properly...hopefully it works!