June 26, 2011

Our Weekend

Hi friends!

Here is a recap of our weekend!


I had a dr. appointment for my migraines. He said it seems my migraines are hormone , stress, and tension related. I get them really bad during my period and didn't get them at all when I was preggo. He also said I so tense and had little movement in my head/neck area. He kept telling me to "relax" and I was like "this is as relaxed as I get!". He did some treatments on my head and neck which he said would help circulate the blood flow more in that area. He also gave me a bunch of different new med samples to see which work best. I have another appt scheduled for a few weeks when I am actually on my period to see if he can help alieviate the pressure/pain.

He recomended getting a rolling stool for my classroom (like in the dr. office) because he said all of the up/down and bending down to the first grader's desks was not helping. He also recomended exercise (blah) to help get rid of my stress that builds up in my neck. I will keep you posted!! Thanks for those of you who emailed/posted about my migraines last week! I really appreciated it! :)

That day my mom also suprised Reagan with his new Pottery Barn chair. When he was born my sister had gotten him the "baby" version...and he seriously sits in it all the time! He was growing so big for the little chair so my mom got him the new "big boy" version. It's so cute!! Thanks mom!

Reagan and the baby chair.

The new big-boy chair.


We woke up early and went to the first showing of Cars 2. Reagan had never been to the movie theater so we weren't sure how it was going to be. He did pretty well! He sat in a booster in his own seat for prob 40 minutes and then got antsy. He moved to my lap for the next 2 minutes and then started begging to go home. So we left before the end of the movie. It was a good first attempt! The movie was pretty cute... not sure it's as good as the first... but there was lots of Mater which is Reagan's favorite guy.


Nick and his dad are golfing so Reagan and I are going to putz around the house and hopefully make a trip to Lakeshore... I'm totally inspired to work on stuff for my classroom. Reagan has been a terror shopping lately. I'm not kidding. Yesterday at Buy Buy Baby he was running laps around the store, refusing to sit in the cart, etc. I was mortified. I swear, I'm not a bad mom but it sure feels that way lately.


Sara said...

those chairs are too cute! I know my nephews LOVE theirs- plenty of years to grow in :-) Sounds like a fun weekend, even with the shopping! lol

♫ Drazil ♪ said...

I get migraines for the same reason - no other trigger but stress and TOM. I'm trying Botox next month - I've heard it works wonders for migraines (sometimes cures them) and it's covered by my insurance. I've heard good things about acupuncture too.

Anonymous said...

I hope you find out a cure for those migraines!!

The pic of Reagan on the little chair is too cute!

Jamie said...

Love the new big boy chair :)

I don't want to wish away my summer but I'm getting excited about getting my room ready for a new school year too!

Lindsey said...

I love the chair ... both versions. And what a pretty baby he was. They grow up way too fast. Don't worry, I think it's just boys. Reese is wild all the time too and I'm not his parent so it's even harder for my to discipline. At a restaurant on Friday he was running around and I couldn't control him either.

I hope the meds help iwth your migraines. You know what else helps tension? BOOZE! I highly recommend it.

Also, the pics of Reagan with the Cars 2 movie poster ... so cute! I love that you documented it.

Jenny said...

I got super bad head aches for the past few years and they went away when I was pregnant too - I was scared out of my mind that they'd get worse (hormones!) but it was the opposite. THEN, after pregnancy, I went back on birth control pills and the head aches started back up. They even switched me to a low estrogen kind. I ended up going off birth control and I haven't had a migraine yet!! SO, if you're on birth control, that could be the culprit.

I know you hate exercise, but try yoga. It's great to stretch out your muscles AND doesn't feel like you're "working out." :)

Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I love those PB Charis!! Adorable... I hope you can gain a better control of your migraines, man, those must be so hard to have - especially with kids!

J and A said...

He is so cute in his cars outfit. Hope you can get those migranes figured out.

Emily said...

I just now saw your post...still catching up after vaca in AZ! I have migraines too...also worst near my period. I have found that an ice pack on my neck or forehead does wonders. I also have an onset med that I can take....zomig. I have tried other meds that didn't work so great and it's so frustrating to have to try it and wait to see if it works. I hope you find a solution!

Raven said...

yeah so we took Gunner to Cars 2 and he made it about halfway thru and then we left. The reviews I read about the movie were pretty spot on, that the "political issues" in the movie, kids could care less about and it really slows the movie down. I mean, I had a hard enough time understanding it!!

Lets keep kids movies kids movies, yes??