May 30, 2011

Our weekend

Happy Memorial Day!

Our weekend was a perfect way to start my summer vacay!

Saturday was spent vegging out and laying out at the pool. That night we pulled out the mattress, blankies, etc. for our weekly family movie night. This night we bought "Open Season 2" or as Reagan calls it "Bear 2". It was cute. He loved Open Season 1, so we knew this one would be a hit.

Sunday we went to the phone store. Nick got a new phone!! I swear he had the oldest phone around... he always swore he didn't need a smart phone... but now that he has one he can't put it down. That night we were lucky enough to have a date night. We dropped Reagan off at the in laws and headed out. We saw the Hangover 2 (LOVED it!) and grabbed sushi at Kona Grill.

Today was spent poolside and bbq-ing with my sister Meg and BIL Shaun. It was a perfect day for grilling, pool, and ice cream!


Jamie said...

Sounds like a fun weekend :)

We saw the Hangover 2 yesterday and thought it was pretty funny!

Mrs. Ruby said...

Aww. What a PERFECT weekend...specifically movie night. I mean, SO cute!!! :)