May 26, 2011

Happy Almost-End of School!


Tomorrow is the last day of school!

My room is packed, my files are purged, slideshow is made, songs have been practiced, awards have been made.... almost done!

This week we have been doing some end of the year activities includingMemory Books
(although I must say I love some of yours better! I may be upgrading next year!)

And Look How I've Bloomed flowers

Here are my End of the Year gift to the kids.
I've done this poem/picture page forever.

The poem still makes me cry. I love it!

Today was Water Day for all of the kids who had perfect attendance this last quarter. They were in hog heaven with water slides, popcorn, and snowcones. Our principal dared my team and I to go down it... We of course took the challenge. She gave us school uniforms to change into and off we went. It was hilarious.

Kelli, Kate, and I pre-water slides... Do we look like elementary school kids or what?

The only thing these pictures dont show... me totally eating it. Like big time. On the second slide, they were shooting the water at me hard core... I climbed up the ladder and then boom. Just picture me falling down the ladder backwards...dun, dun, dun, dun, hitting every peg. It was so eff-ing slippery! And to make matters worse- at the bottom of the ladder was one of those bouncey floors. I couldn't get up. I was laughing so hard with Kate I thought I was going to pee my pants. Lord have mercy. I'm not sure I will ever live that down.

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Raven said...

woohoo!! I remember how happy I would get on the last day of school, had no idea that the teachers were just as happy haha!! Glad you had a blast on the slide!