May 19, 2011

Fairy Tale part 2 and Reagan visits

I am so flipping exhausted. I know you teachers know but geesh the end of the year is so crazy! My to-do list is multiple pages long and we only have one week left... yikes. Anywho. I had huge hopes to finish up my fairy tale unit this week but to be honest we haven't done all that much. We've been crazy busy organizing the room, practicing for our performance, and doing busy work.... err.. productive work while I finish testing, report cards, filing, etc. etc. etc.

But here is what we have done this week. Again- big thanks to many of the bloggers who I got these ideas from!

After reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears we had a porridge taste test.

And then graphed the results.
We then analyzed the data.

We also wrote about if we found Goldilocks in our classroom.

After reading Rumplestilskin we researched what our names meant and illustrated it.

After reading the Princess and the Pea, the kids made their own math story problems. I thought they turned out super cute!

Another fun this this week was that my mom brought Reagan to my school for a visit. He hasn't ever been during an actual school day so he was in hog heaven and the kids were just dying. They sat in a circle and sang songs with him, counted, and recited nursery rhymes. It was so cute.

TGI Almost Friday! Have a great night friends!


Raven said...

SO cute! I love that you are a teacher to little kids. I bet your are like the favorite teacher, huh?

Jamie said...

What fun activities :)

Looks like Reagan AND the kiddos had a fun time together!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

mrs. tabb said...

Ah!! Thanks for the comments- I'm finishing off fairy tales next week and these ideas are soooo awesome!!!