May 15, 2011

Our Weekend

Yowza. Is it already Sunday night? Boo.

Weekend Recap:
Friday Night we had a little family fun night. I'm currently reading "The Happiness Project" and one of the things is to implement family traditions big and small. We have a lot of holiday traditions but thats about it. So I thought we'd try something new. We all went to an early dinner at Oreganos. It is always swamped and waiting is a huge no no with a 2 year old. But we were early enough to get seated right away! We then came home, got into our jammies, and cleared out the living room floor. We made a huge bed and watched a new movie (Open Season). Reagan thought it was the greatest to have us all watching the movie (without the laptop or books or magazines or phones out, etc). We just cuddled and laughed. I love it. A new Friday night tradition perhaps?!

Saturday was soooooo lazy. We napped, read, watched tv, played outside, and worked on report cards. Love lazy days!

This morning I met my sister and friends Lisa and Sarah for breakfast and good girl talk. We then went to see Something Borrowed. I laughed soooo hard. Loved it! I havent read the book in 5 years (and I'm glad, since I heard it didnt completely match up). I loved Kate Hudson and Dex was H.O.T! And Jim from the Office- hilarious. I def would rec it!

Tonight my parents took us and my sister and bro in law out to dinner. It was so nice. I feel like I havent seen my Daddy in forever! Super excited for tv tonight.... Celeb Apprentice and OC Housewives- holler! And of course- more report cards.. 10 more days!! Have a fantastic night!


Jamie said...

I thought Something Borrowed was good too!

I love the family night pic...too cute!

MJ said...

I still need to get my girls together to see Something Borrowed... I'm thinking I'll be happy I read the book so long ago too :)