May 22, 2011

Our Weekend

How was your weekend? Here is our weekend recap!


After the Talent Show practice at school I joined my friends for the end of the year happy hour. Then headed home for dinner and movie night with my boys. Remember my new "tradition" from last week? Well, we did it again. This time we busted out a mattress to lay on (much more comfortable! So comfortable I even fell asleep.... until I was woken up by Reagan trying to make out with my leg. haha. But really- random. I think he thinks he is the dog. Anyway. We watched Ice Age 2 (never see Ice Age 1, but not sure it mattered.) It was def not as big of a hit. Reagan kep bringing in musical instruments to play for us instead of watching the movie.

I slept. Yes. Literally all day. I wasn't feeling too hot and Nick was so sweet to let me veg out. When I wasn't sleeping I was reading. (The new Sweet Valley High book Holly leant me-- pretty entertaining! Have you read it?) That night we ran some errands and went out to dinner. I was up soo late (for me) because of all of my day sleeping... but I got a lot of school stuff done and stayed up to watch SNL. That never happens! Lady Gaga and JT? Yes please!


I cleaned inside while Nick did yardwork and then we headed to my parents' pool . It felt heavenly! We swam and played with my sister Meg and bil Shaun before coming home. We still felt like playing outside so we set up water table and sprinklers and let Reagan go to town.

One more week of school. Halleluja!
Have a fantastic one friends!


Jamie said...

I watched SNL and thought it was SO funny!

Glad you had a good weekend :) Enjoy your last school week!

Lindsey said...

umm ... Your son is adorable!! My brother's name is Reagan! Love it. What is his middle name?

You are your hubs are sooo freaking cute!!