May 7, 2011

My Mother

Meet my Mom.

She is my best friend and has been the greatest mother I could have ever asked for.

My mom worked so hard as I grew up to make sure that my sister and I had everything we ever wanted and needed. She wanted to make sure that we had the things that she didn't have growing up. We never wanted for anything.

Dad and Mom

My mom all dolled up during our "Fancy Nancy" party with my niece.

Mom and I at a Suns game
Out on one of our girls day
My mom taught me how to juggle life, always strive for the best, and laugh my way through life. She has accompanyied my sister and I to many a Backstreet Boy, NSync, Britney Spears, and Lady Gaga concert. She has devoted a day to her daughters during every school break for as long as I can remember. She takes us out shopping, manicures,and movies. It is such a fun tradition. She instilled in my a love of reading. She has given me confidence when it comes to being a mother. Whenever I have a rough day with Reagan or at school, she is the first one to give me a hug, pep talk, and give advice.

I never thought my mom would be the "grandma" type. She just didn't seem that way. But boy was I wrong. She adores Reagan and spends two full days with him a week while I work. He LOVES her so much and talks about her constantly. Who knew that this high heeled wearing, cosmo drinking woman would be crawling on her hands and knees playing with Reagan on the floor?

For all the times I was a moody teenage daughter , had a bad temper, or no patience I am sorry. I love you and appreciate you soooooooooo much.

Thanks Mom. For everything. I love you!


Jamie said...

What a sweet post! Your mama sounds like a wonderful lady!

Rachel said...

Love this! She is a great lady :)

Kimberly said...

Your mom sounds like a lot of fun. Your blessed to have one another.

Victoria said...

Mandy, I am so moved by this. I am so proud of you and love you so much. Thank you!