May 6, 2011

The end of testing.....

Today marked the END of testing season for my First Graders ( Amen!)

This week they had their Math NWEA tests and boy were they hard!

I'm not kidding.

My six year olds were tested on division and problems like this : 4(100) + 3(200) + 2(10) =

Excuse me? Yikes.
Not to mention that the cut scores for benchmark went up 10 points from last year.


They tried their hardest and made growth , but I of course was worked up that it wasn't higher. There is always next year.

Here are the motivating things I did this week:

Again- here are my charts to show the kids and myself their growth throughout the year.

The colored tabs show where they tested at during the Fall test. (Red- Falls Far Below, Yellow- Approaching, Green- Meets, and Blue- Exceeds)


Jamie said...

I know both you and the kiddos are glad testing is over!

And that math problem?! My firsties would have been shocked to see that!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on finishing up testing!! :) Those are such cute goodies for your little ones. Isn't it just so intense all the testing and the degree to which they are expected to perform!?!?