July 28, 2011

Seriously?!? Thursday

Hi guys! There were definately lots of "seriously?" talk this week so I thought I'd link up with Becky for her Thursday party. Thanks girl for giving me a place to vent and not feel like a total bitch!

1. I went back to my classroom this week. 2 1/2 days of sweat. Lots of it. There was NO AC in our building so moving furniture, setting up bulletin boards, organizing supplies -etc. was a huge, sweaty task. Thank the Lord for the Mom and Sister Meg who came 2 of the days . We worked are butts off and my room is pretty much all set up. I didn't take any pictures- gasp- I know. But I will, and I will post.

2. Oh- why did I go in and set up so early? Oh that's another "seriously?" Because I have 3 days of ELL training when the rest of the school will be setting up their rooms. Awesome.

3. Last Night- Nick made us a delicious dinner and invited my mom and sister Meg to join since both of their hubbies were out for the night. After dinner we layed Reagan down for the night and put in the movie "Insideous". Meg and Nick LOVE scary movies and I on the other hand pretend to like them but end up in tears, unable to sleep. Anyway - we got about halfway through and Reagan woke up screaming and wouldn't go back to sleep. So I brought him out with us and cuddled . I turned him so he was laying with his eyes staring at my sister (not the movie). But at one point he DID turn and saw this creepy bride ghost. He looked weirded out and my first response was "Oh- its Dora!" That seemed to work for him. I took Reagan to our bed that night (totally for his comfort only, haha ;) Bad mom. Seriously!

4. Today I declared a "no school day" and instead of "Mommy and Rea Rea day" as we spent my last day of summer together. After the weird night we had last night, he was in a foul mood. But I decided it wasn't going to stop our fun day. We went to the library where they were having a music class. He loved it. It was so fun. We got some new books and videos from the library to take with us. Two seconds in the car with the new book Reagan begins ripping the pages out of the book (Seriously? You are a teacher's child!) We then go to the mall to grab lunch and do shopping. In line for Reagan's happy meal he decides to climb out of the stroller and RUN across the food court. SERIOUSLY Reagan? You are making me that mom.

Music class fun
5. At the mall there is a little train that goes around. Reagan was begging to ride the choo-choo but I had no cash. So I convinced him that the indoor playgroun was even better. We trek over there only to find out it's closed for an hour for cleaning. SERIOUSLY? Shoot. So now I needed to get cash. I found an ATM near the merry-go-round. After paying that stupid fee, I got my $20. We get in line for token machine at the merry-go-round. Shoot. They only take $1 bills. Kill me! So off we trek to Paradise Bakery to buy a cookie so we can get change for my $20. FINALLY get on the merry-go-round and Reagan is screaming- terrified of the horses. Umm.. we have def been on this before and he loved it. The poor lady was waiting for us to find a horse and get the show on the road but my son was not going anywhere near it. After the hassle is was to get the damn token , we were def going on this ride. We finally sat inside this pumpkin but he whined and cried the whole ride. OMG. Seriously?

the ride from hell
Whew. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! XXOO


Lindsey said...

These were great! "Seriously!?" I say that all the time. We have a merry go round at a mall here too, but Reese has always loved it. I don't like scary movies, so I don't blame Reagan. aghhh.

Rachel said...

Sounds like you have a serious case of the "seriouslys". What a day!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

He is too cute -- what a stud!

Raven said...


I would so quite.

ps, your little stud is well, a little stud!

Stacey said...

We have no AC either! It is "seriously" 90 degrees in my classroom!!! I would pay $50 a day to have AC in my room!!! LOL

Jenny said...

Mandy this post was hilarious! Although I'm sure at the time it wan't! :D Don't you hate when you're "that mom"? :)

Jamie said...

I don't know if I could have worked in my classroom with no air!

You'll definitely have to post pictures of your room once you're finished :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!