July 23, 2011

Friday and Fears

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Yesterday was a fun filled day with friends. Here are some pictures of what we did.

First, a friend invited us to try a class at "My Gym" with them. I've never been to one and have always thought these classes would be so fun for Reagan or a birthday party. I was right. He had a BLAST! Thank you to Stacey and Kaeson for inviting us!

After the class we met more friends at a place called Toy Town.

This place gave me such anxiety- geesh! It was like the size of a living room with thousands of toys and children (it seemed). The kids had a ball, but it was a little much!

And lastly- Reagan has been having such fears lately!

1) He is totally afraid of the wind. I think it started when we were in Payson. A huge gust of wind came and flew our paper lanterns all over the place. My mom, sister, and I all screamed and Reagan freaked out. Now everytime he sees, hears, feels wind he FREAKS! This week we were at the splash pad and the tiniest wind started... it felt great. But he started screaming and insisting we go home. :(

(I love this picture. It was taken pre-wind-meltdown)

2) When at Toy Town after a couple of hours he started freaking out about this pretend tree they had. It was a big tree with stuffed animals hanging from it. He kept pointing to the bears yelling "Bear bit me!" "No bear!" It was so odd!

Mommies out there- is this normal or am I somehow scarring my child and creating a scardy cat?? Thanks for your input!


Victoria said...

He is only two! He will get past this. Our screaming did not help. Remember the roach screaming? We have to not scream!

Jamie said...

Awww poor Reagan! I'm sure he will get over his fears :)

Mrs. Mama said...

Looks like a great time... poor little guy and his fear of wind! How interesting!!

Brittany said...

Aww, I'm sure his fears will go away as quickly as they came! By the way, he is just a doll! So stinkin' cute!

Glad you guys had fun at my gym :)