December 23, 2009

Im the Gingerbread Girl!

Last night my family all met at my older sister Joc's house to celebrate Christmas. We hung out, ate dinner, and then got to the good stuff: Gingerbread house making! This year we decided to make a town again...but instead of all houses, we would make different town landmarks.... This ended up being quite ambitious of us and I got very discouraged! (Creativity is not my best quality!) Sadie and Sawyer helped to assign what each of us should make and we pulled out bags and bags of decorations. Finally our town was complete with a hospital, a football stadium, a school, a kid house, a grandparent house, a zoo, a monkey cage, and a Mexican food resteraunt.

I should mention that all through this Reagan was crawling around my sister's house, trying to climb chairs, throwing silver bells etc. My mom was crawling around on the floor after him into every room. (I must say that I have NEVER seen my mom crawl... it was pretty comical...but I was in my "gingerbread zone" and couldn't be bothered! haha) We ended the evening exchanging gifts and celebrating the season.

Here is a picture of some of the family working hard on their masterpieces:

Here is Reagan and I with the finished town:

(Funny to look back on- here is Reagan, Nick and I last year at the Gingerbread house party)

The DeShon's gift to Reagan for Christmas was this Little People Nativity set.
It was absolutely perfect!

PS- Here is the official 2009 Santa picture with Reagan:


Leesie said...

Sounds like fun oh my gosh I'm loving that little people nativity playset that is too cute.

vtiepelman said...

It was a really fun evening! You did a great job documenting always! Man, crazy how short your hair was last year! I love it both ways, but it really looks pretty this year! Love you, and thanks for writing your is such fun to read!