February 28, 2013

The Twins at 5 Months

I simply can not believe my babies are 5 months already!
I know every mom says this, but geesh- time is flying by.

Getting their pictures together is getting more and more difficult.

Most pictures of them together tend to look like the one below.
Ha Ha
It kills me.

This month has been a big one of the twinkies.

They had their first sicknesses - just cold/cough- nothing serious but it was sad never the less. They got to know the hospital-bulb-snotsucker very well. I bought the Nose Freida too (but honestly I think the bulb works just as well!) There was a good week there when I traveled around the house with the Boogie Wipes, Saline drops, and the snot sucker all in tow. The babies couldn't sleep because of their lack of breathing so we moved them back into our room and they "slept" in their rock and plays.  We had the warm humidifier set up and usually ended up with both babies back in our bed. They are finally feeling better thank the Lord.

They are both still very much into exploring each other.
And not always in a nice way.
I will often find one grabbing the other by the ear or nose and yanking as hard as he/she can. 
They still love to hold hands but it often ends up with one giving the other too hard of a squeeze.

We have moved both babies up into size 2 diapers.
Thank the Lord.
Since my mom had 2,000 size 2 diapers stored in her house. 
At least we don't have to buy any diapers for awhile!
My mother is amazing in case you already didn't know.

They are both still eating 6 ounces per bottle.  That's still 1/2 formula and 1/2 breast milk. They are eating at 6:30am, 9:30am, 12:30pm, 3:30pm, 5:30pm, and 8:30pm (for the most part). Sometimes if a nap lasts longer I will push back a feeding.  I'm pumping 4 times a day (during the first 3 feedings and the last one).  I'm producing about 30 ounces of milk a day, which seems like a lot to me, but is still not enough to give both babies only breast milk. 

They are wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes (because I was ready for new things) but they still fit in and often wear their 0-3 month clothes. I just bought some 6-9 month things at the Old Navy baby sale for summer. I can't even imagine them that big!

Both of the babies seem so big to me already.
But in perspective to Reagan at their age and other babies, they are still quite tiny!
(Reagan at 5 months was 18 lbs!)

Dear Harper,

While you are still the serious one of the two, you definitely have your smiley moments.
I just live for those.
Your eyes are so gorgeous and your lashes bat ever so softly.
It is the sweetest thing.
You absolutely light up when you see your brother Reagan or your Daddy.
Melts my heart.

You are our little investigator.
You love to pick up toys, hit their buttons, turn them all around and watch them very closely.
You love grabbing my fingers and examining each one.

You don't seem to have much interest in rolling around the floor but you do like to scoot on your back.  

You love grabbing our neck and faces.
You often get a hold of the skin on my neck and pull (ouch!)
You also pull Daddy's beard hair (ouch!)
You're probably just exploring!

When held, you are very content and still.
Almost like a little doll.
People are amazed at how you sit so nicely, whereas your brother is a huge wiggle worm.

You still like to "talk".
Mainly making "l" and "m" sounds.

You still drool like a crazy person.
You also put every toy into your mouth.
I often wonder if you are going to be teething soon?!

Since there is no Dr. appointment this month, we weighed you at home last night and you have gained just over a pound since your last appointment. 
(Not sure how accurate our scale is, but it's a good guess!)

Dear Hudson,

You are our little ham.
You LOVE to smile and giggle.
You stare at us and "talk" until we look at you.
And once we do, you are smiling from ear to ear!
So precious.

You are everywhere.
A few weeks ago you started rolling over from your back to your belly and back and forth. You now do "rollie - pollies" (as Reagan calls it) all across the floor. We definitely have to keep our eye on you. Our house is mainly tile or wood but we do have rugs.  You roll off the rugs often and have a tendency to conk your head. Poor guy. Something tells me you are going to have goose eggs like your brother did. You are also "swimming/scooting" on your belly.  You haven't figured out how to use your arms and legs but you are flopping all over the place. You move quite a bit.  I have a feeling you will be crawling before too long! 

When you are tired you rub your eyes with your hands and your lovey.  
You also play with your hair when you're tired (like Mama!).

You are always moving. Even when being held.  You try to flip out of peoples arms and try to climb up their shoulders. Crazy I tell you!

You still make a lot of noise.
Your "talking" still tends to be grunts and animal-like noises.
It's hilarious. Especially when we are in public.   

I love how you drink your bottles with your hands behind your head- such a Joe Cool. 

You are still waking up every night and end up in our bed.
I have such a soft spot for you.
I just can't handle your crying.
 I cave every.single.time.

Since there is no Dr. appointment this month, we weighed you at home last night and you have gained a pound since your last appointment.
(Not sure how accurate our scale is, but it's a good guess!)

(I mean really- how perfectly does this picture sum Hudson up?)


Wendy Hylton said...

I can not believe how big they are. They look a lot alike and I am always loving their clothes. You will love looking back at these posts, so much fun to see and hear how they are doing!

Wendy Hylton said...
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Emily said...

They're so cute! I can't believe they're just now in size 2 diapers, they seem so much bigger to me!

That's great you're producing 30oz a day of breastmilk! I don't know how you find the time to pump, you're awesome!

KRISTIN said...

How is it possible that those two little nuggets are 5 months already?! The just get cuter and cuter!

Amy said...

Love month to month posts! They are getting so big!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

So precious and love the monthly updates. Happy weekend!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Happy 5 months! I think it's cute how they are always touching!

Victoria said...

5 months and even more adorable than ever!!!! You are just a precious family!!!!!