February 18, 2013

Our Weekend

Hi guys!

I hope that you all had a wonderful 3 day weekend!

Here is a little recap of ours.


I went to Reagan's school for his class Valentines party.
Nothing like a class full of sugar-ed up 4 year olds!
But I was happy to be there to celebrate with Rea and his friends.

Here is Reagan and one of his best buddies Maya.

Here were his Valentines this year.
Thank you Teacher Wife

Here is our Reagan's loot.

That night Harper started really feeling cruddy.
Poor girl caught the cold that's been going around! :(


We got up and met Nick's Dad and Step-Mom and little brother at the zoo.
It was seriously the most gorgeous day.
And it was like all of the animals felt it too.
Every animal was out and active and very close. 

Cooper and Reagan are such little buddies.

Hudson and I

Grandma Lisa and Harper

Saturday night was r.o.u.g.h!
Both babies had colds and couldn't sleep because they couldn't breathe.
Breaks my heart.


Because Saturday night was so rough and the babies were feeling so crappy, we skipped out on church.  We had a lazy , lazy morning. Around noon I decided to take Reagan and get out of the house.  I left Nick home with both sick babies (he's super dad I tell ya!) and Reagan and I had a date. It was so fun. We definitely need to do that more often.

I told him we could go wherever he wanted for lunch.
He chose Dunkin Donuts.

We then went to Buy Buy Baby for some snot-sucking goodies for the babies, Barnes and Noble for some new books, and the grocery store for dinner. We sang to his favorite song at the moment about 5x in the car (Moves like Jagger). It was perfect.  When we got home we played in the backyard and re-arranged some patio furniture. A great day. 

That night on the other hand. Phew. Two sick babies is tough.
 I think Nick and I got 2 hours of sleep.


Nick's Mom and Grandma came over to babysit and spend time with the kids.
Reagan was so excited to get some one on one attention with them and Nick and I appreciated lunch by ourselves (at a sit down place- wow!) and went to the grocery store. It was so nice!

We spent the afternoon playing in the backyard and taking care of babies.

They pretty much want to be held 24/7 and aren't sleeping or eating.

We've spent the night rotating between rocking, having steam showers, sucking boogers out of noses, and entertaining Reagan. Phew. I'm reading for bed. Please Lord let everyone sleep tonight! 

Nick goes back to work tomorrow and Reagan will be with my Mom.
I'm hoping I have enough cuddles for the both of my sweet twinkies.

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