February 8, 2013

The Twins at 4 Months and video

First off, sorry for being so MIA here in blogland!
I have been knee-deep in projects lately and any free time I have, I am pretty much working on those.

On January 27th, the babies turned 4 months.
I can't believe it.
Time is literally flying by.

Yesterday the twins had their 4 month appointment and since I got their stats I thought it would be a good time to do their monthly updates!

The babies are really turning into such cute babies! (I know I'm biased!) But they have such sweet personalities and I just love to watch them grow and develop.  They LOVE each other and are constantly touching each other.  They love holding hands and are always trying to get a hold of each other.  It is really so precious. They are both "talking" up a storm.  Really it sounds more like grunts, growls, etc. but they love to hear their voices.  Hudson definitely makes more noises lately and whenever Harper starts to "talk", Hudson chimes in even louder. Both babies LOVE their big brother Reagan.  When he gets into their eye sight their faces absolutely light up. 

Both babies are great eaters and are eating 6 ounces per feeding (3 ounces of breast milk and 3 ounces of formula per bottle). They are still eating every 3 hours during the day.  Their last bottle before bed is 8:30 pm each night and they don't eat again until 6:30 am the next morning. They are both sleeping in the same crib at night but I think they may have to be in separate cribs soon. (Harper is moving a lot and ends up waking Hudson when she smacks him in the face). I have packed up most of their 0-3 month clothes this week and they have started wearing some of their 3-6 month clothes.  They are both still wearing size 1 diapers.  The babies are finally liking their car seats.  This makes car trips and stroller walks much more enjoyable! I'm getting more and more comfortable running errands with them and they are really content being taken places (thank the Lord).  

Harper Grace

Dear Harper,
My pretty, little girl! 
I just love you so much!

You are weighing 13 pounds (26th %) and are 25 inches long (70th %). Your length measurements totally shot up since your last appointment! You are still a wonderful sleeper.  You are sleeping in your sleep sack and can fall asleep without being rocked, swaddled, pacifier-ed, etc. Amazing! You love to play with your toys and your play mat. You don't seem to show much interest in rolling over from back to front yet. You are pretty content just laying on your back and giving the occasional scoot to move you. You love having your arms fully stretched out and laying like a diva with them up by your head! You like sitting up when I'm holding you like a big girl, but aren't too crazy about the Bumbo chair yet - your head is still pretty wobbly! 

Dear Hudson,
My happy, little man!
I just love you so much!

You are weighing 13 pounds, 9 ounces (15th %)- so a little bit bigger than your sister. You are shorter in length though -24 inches ( 18th %) . You are finally sleeping through the whole night- wahoo!! This week was your first night of sleeping in your crib ALL night without needing to get your binky popped back in or getting brought into our bed. We are so proud of you!  We tried to have you sleep without being swaddled but that was a disaster.  After talking with lots of InstaGram friends and hearing their words of wisdom, I decided to let you continue to be swaddled.  If it's working, why worry?  You are such a happy little guy and are always smiling.  You love "sitting up" like a big boy and you really enjoy your Bumbo chair. You are so close to rolling over (back to front).  Even the doctor noticed how badly you wanted to get onto your belly. We think it will be very soon!  You get your lower body flipped but struggle with your big, ol head! 

Here is a video I took of the babies "talking" after an afternoon bottle yesterday.
It cracks me up!


Mrs. Mommy said...

So precious! Baby videos never get old. I have taken so many of Kase laughing or talking or jumping :)

They are seriously so cute and I can't believe how grown up they are looking!

I'm still swaddling Kase, but starting to wonder if I should stop. His sleeping has gotten pretty crummy lately :(

Have a great weekend!

Erin N said...

Awww! Your babies are so cute!! Love the little chairs with their names on them!! I just stumbled across your blog - I'm still new to this blogging thing! :-)
Have a great weekend!!



Mrs. Harris said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Your twins are absolutely adorable!! I just had boy/girl twins on December 19th and am loving every minute of it. I posted pictures of a recent post on my teaching blog if you want to see :) I loved seeing your pics and watching the video knowing that that is what I have to look forward to! I can't wait. Good luck to you with them :)


Leah said...

This whole post makes my heart happy! Happy 4 months sweet babies!

Lea also known as "CiCi" said...

Such precious babies and it's wonderful that you are documenting their progress. What sweet memories!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

They are so cute!