February 13, 2013

Valentines Day Fun Around Our House

We have been getting into the Valentine spirit around our house!

I've turned our entry table into a little holiday table and while it might be a little over kill to some, it makes Reagan and my heart happy. 

Here is what I did for Valentines Day.

I got a few little decorations at Target.
I printed out the ABC printable here.
I printed out the Be Mine banner here.

Reagan loves a good countdown.
So I figured we'd do one to countdown until Valentines Day.

I knew I wanted to do a Valentines canvas but I had a terrible time deciding what to do!
I ended up doing the babies' footprints and Reagan's hand prints and making them into hearts.
And I wrote one of my favorite lyrics "All because two people fell in love".
I felt like it was totally appropriate.

We baked some Valentine sugar cookies.
Reagan had a great time using Valentine cookie cutters.

But his favorite part was frosting them.
Holy smokes.
This kid frosted a total of 2 and ate half of the tub!

I told him that I was a "frosting machine" and that he needed to pick up the pace.
To which he responded, "That's good. Cause I'm a licking machine."
Little stinker.

He had frosting in every nook and cranny.
Like really.
Who gets frosting in their eye lashes?!

Our finished cookies.
Every holiday we try to make cookies with cookie cutters and every holiday they totally STINK!
These are supposed to be hearts, lips, and cupids.

I give up.

We have made some goodies to mail to Reagan's grandparents.

For Reagan's Grammy, Grandpa Bill, Grandpa Bruce and Grandma Lisa he made them a "Valentine hug" .  We got the idea from here.

Idea from here

And for Reagan's Mimi and Papa he made a Valentine owl.

We've had a lot of fun looking forward to Valentines Day at our house.
What fun things have you been up to?


Murdock's mama said...

I Love it all!!! :)

Rebecca said...

Great pics. I was bad and didn't decorate. Good ideas for next year!