March 4, 2013

Our Weekend

Happy Monday!
I hope you all had a terrific weekend.

We had a busy and fun weekend!
Here's a little re-cap.


My parents got back in town from a great week trip to Florida and we were all so excited.
Our family is so close and a week away seemed like a month.
It was so great to see them and they took us all out to our favorite Mexican food place.
It was the twins' first time eating out at a restaurant.

5 months without taking them out to eat.
Can you believe it?
I think when Reagan was a baby we had taken him out to a restaurant at like 5 days!

I guess that's the difference with having 3 kids! 
It is way more of a hassle than it is with 1 or 2.

Anyways, it was a great night!


Friday was a laid back day and night at our house. 
Reagan went to school and the babies and I hung out at home.

That night we had dinner, did lots of playing, and watched Peter Pan.

(My 3 boys!)


Saturday morning Nick let me sleep in (sooo wonderful).

Then Reagan, Harper and I headed out to my friend Sarah's house for her daughter's 1st birthday party.
Nick stayed home with Hudson ( I didn't think I couldn't handle all 3 at a birthday party by myself!)

Sarah was one of my best friends in our sorority days as well as a bridesmaid in my wedding.
It was great to her little one having such a milestone as well as visit with her and her family.

She also invited my sister Meg and my niece Charlotte.
Starting these babies off early as future girl friends! :)

Sarah and I with our baby girls

 The birthday girl, Kennedy

Reagan and Chase (Sarah's other little one) enjoying some cupcakes during the party.

 Reagan loved this digging toy.
I came over and asked him what he was doing, to which he responded, 
"I'm just chillin' and diggin' mom." I love this kid.

 Meg and Harper

Reagan and Chase playing outside

We came home that night and hung out with Nick and Hudson.

It was so sweet.
We were gone for 3 hours and it was the longest the twins have ever been separated
When I reunited them it was the cutest thing ever.
They couldn't keep their hands off each other! 

We also had Harper roll over for the first time that night.
We've got 2 rollers, watch out world!


Sunday morning we got up and headed to church.

After church we came home and headed to our neighbor's house for Reagan's friend Cali's 5th birthday party.  It was a pirate/princess theme and Reagan was so excited. (He is sooo into pirates, not to mention loves Cali!)

It was a huge birthday party.
Cali is older and is in Pre-K.
They invited all 26 kids from her class plus a few extra kids and the younger siblings.
So there seemed to be a kazillion kids running around.

Reagan loves their bounce house.

This was his first time on a trampoline.
He thought it was cool when he was alone, but once all the kids started jumping with him he freaked out! The fell down and couldn't bounce/get back up.  It was kinda funny to watch but he burst into tears and was a hot mess. I think it really scared him. The other kids were all trampoline pro's.

 Pirate Hudson!

 Pirate Reagan!

They had a princess face painter and a pirate balloon artist.
It was so fun for the kids.

The other meltdown we had during the party was during the pinata.
Reagan's done a pinata at a little kids' party before but this was hard-core.

Once it burst open the kids were like wild animals running and grabing for the candy.
Poor Reagan just stood their with his bag, crying.
He got 0 candy! 
I felt so bad.
He just didn't understand why the big kids weren't sharing.

Our neighbor felt bad and went inside to get some extra candy for Reagan.
It's really amazing what a difference a year makes.
The kids are so much older at 5 than at almost 4. 
Anyways, it was an exhausting weekend but a fun one!

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