March 27, 2013

Happy 6 Months Harper and Hudson!

Today the twins turn 6 months old!
I can't believe they are half way to 1 year old.

I haven't taken the twins 6 month chair pictures yet and their 6 month well check isn't for another couple of weeks. So today I will leave you with my new favorite photo of the twinkies.

It's a framer for sure.

Don't you think?
Ha Ha.

Gotta love it!
How does this kid look so handsome even mid-spit up?

Okay- for some of the other shots that afternoon....

Ps- Do you have any teacher? mom? twin? random? questions for me?
The post for the Ask Me Anything is still open!
Thanks to those who have participated! 


Jess said...

They are so cute! I just wan to bundle them up and smooch em! I'm sure you do that all the time! Love the bunny outfits!
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Jess said...
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Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

oh my!! That pic is priceless. Happy 6 months adorable babies!!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

they are precious! i loved yesterday's disneyland recap post too - sounds like everyone had a wonderful time!

Kristen said...

They are so precious!

How are they already 6 months old?!

Lea Culp said...

Oh, my goodness, could the timing have been any more perfect? How funny! They are so precious! WIshing you and your sweet family a most blessed Easter!

KRISTIN said...

I legit laughed out loud when I saw that picture on Insta! That is going to haunt Hudson for the rest of his life. :) SO funny! Can't believe your little angels are already 6 months!

emilydemill said...

Love it! My boy/girl twins turned 6 months on March 25. So glad I found your blog.