March 30, 2013

Oviparous animals part 2

One of my favorite spring time units that I did in the classroom was oviparous animals.
I find it so fascinating and so did the kids.

You can read about what I did in the classroom in the past here!                      

When I went to Pinterest to find some more, new oviparous activities I was shocked to see how much my blog post about this subject was pinned! 
Thanks for all the love. It seriously made my day. 
I showed Nick - and he didn't get it. (Boys!!) 
 I hope you have been able to use it in your classroom as well! 

Here are some new ideas I found on the subject!

I've used this poem in the past with my kids for our daily fluency practice.
I had written it as an anchor chart.
But I love the way Mrs. Williamson made it all cute!
I would totally print this out for my kids to have their own copy or include in their fluency folders.

I always do a class oviparous animal sort.
I found a cute freebie here from Khrys Bosland's TPT for the kids to have their own sort.
Might be a great station or independent practice activity!

I love this little rhyming writing activity from What the Teacher Wants!

I love Apples and ABC's ideas for the life cycle of a chicken!

I love this Thinking Map for oviparous animals from Jodi Waltman.

I love these station ideas from Peace Love and Kindergarten!

Do you do anything fun or unique when studying oviparous animals?
I'd love to hear/see your ideas as well! 

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